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  • Medieval on Your Ass

    published July 22, 2003

    Showcased in new 35mm prints, Pasolini's Trilogia Della Vita (Trilogy of Life) presents today's viewers with a double time warp:... More >>

  • Stealing Butte

    published July 15, 2003

    A deft, ambitious exercise in old-school socialist agitprop crafted with the precise multimedia flair of a corporate PowerPoint presentation,... More >>

  • Rio Men Have Curves

    published July 1, 2003

    Released on the heels of City of God, Karim Aïnouz's first feature, Madame Satã, is likewise a gritty, sweaty slice of... More >>

  • Dear Video Diary

    published June 10, 2003

    An embedded reporter within Andy Warhol's pocket world of eager exhibitionists, Michel Auder recorded endless video diaries after acquiring an... More >>

  • Pride and Prejudice

    published June 3, 2003

    In the past 15 years, gay cinema has moved from rambunctious frontier to New Queer utopia to today's tony but bland suburb. If much of this... More >>

  • Acid Tests

    published May 27, 2003

    Enigmatic artifacts from French cinema's secret history, the Zanzibar Films emerged from a loose cadre of artists shortly before and following May... More >>

  • Visage Quest

    published May 20, 2003

    Between 1964 and 1966, during Andy Warhol's frenetic early filmmaking phase, he produced almost 500 brief motion-picture portraits, or screen... More >>

  • Web Site

    published May 20, 2003

    The ominous squad of cop cars and ambulances gathered around Anthology Film Archives a few Tuesdays ago wasn't due to just another New York bomb... More >>

  • Going Direct

    published May 13, 2003

    Rob Nilsson's artistic cred couldn't be tighter. A Cassavetes mentee, he won Cannes's Camera d'Or for Northern Lights (1979) and Sundance's... More >>

  • The Talking Cure

    published May 6, 2003

    Best known for her collaborations with Jean-Luc Godard, which include Numéro Deux (1975) and a series of experimental essays for... More >>

  • Final Destination

    published April 29, 2003

    Like Satyajit Ray did with Bengal, Adoor Gopalakrishnan draws upon the history and aesthetics of his native region, Kerala. But where Ray's films... More >>

  • Radical Cheek

    published April 8, 2003

    "He is a super-American," says dapper young professor Finlay Campbell after Cassius Clay's cocksure, smart-alecky press conference. It's 1964, and... More >>

  • Different Class

    published March 11, 2003

    In October 1966, a group of Londoners composed a telegram to Jonas Mekas, founder of the flourishing five-year-old Film-makers' Co-operative in... More >>

  • Sacred Grove

    published February 11, 2003

    Avant-gardists have traditionally controlled all aspects of cinematic creation: shooting, sound, editing, even processing and projection,... More >>

  • The Desert of the Real

    published February 11, 2003

    Gus Van Sant's films have long featured dusty Western highways; lonely blacktop receding into the scrubby horizon is one of his long-standing... More >>

  • Our Old Friend

    published February 4, 2003

    Lately upgraded from grungy indie stalwart to Oscar-baiting Hollywoodian, Gus Van Sant promises a return to austerity with his upcoming,... More >>

  • Misery Guts

    published January 7, 2003

    A tangible chill runs through Fred Kelemen's Frost (1997), his magnificently miserable existential epic. Set during a sunless Christmastime... More >>

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