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  • The Buying Game

    published December 29, 1998

    It's that time of year. Ugh! More >>

  • Big Brother's Keeper

    published December 22, 1998

    Over 1300 pages of Frank Sinatra's life, as interpreted by the FBI, were released last week, creating front-page headlines. What's in your file?... More >>

  • Top Guns

    published December 15, 1998

    The new Brady law went into effect last week, requiring a background check for anyone purchasing a firearm. But both the NRA and gun-control... More >>

  • Dead Reckoning

    published December 8, 1998

    Last week, in front of a video camera and 15 million American households, Jack Kevorkian administered a series of lethal injections to Thomas... More >>

  • Recorded History

    published December 1, 1998

    At last, the world hears exactly what a presidential fellator sounds like, and just a day after the announcement of a book deal and an agreement... More >>

  • Takedown

    published November 24, 1998

    In an election year full of surprises, Jesse ("the Body," who now wants to be known as "the Mind") Ventura wowed America by winning the... More >>

  • The Jeffersons

    published November 17, 1998

    Last week, the journal Nature published a DNA report showing definitively that ole Tommy Jefferson did in fact father at least one child... More >>

  • Cracking the Code of Ethics

    published November 17, 1998

    In the spare halls of WBAI's new offices on Wall Street, a few hackers loiter around, talking to one another about the newest digital phones, the... More >>

  • Ill Advised

    published November 10, 1998

    Flu season has begun but these days there are a multitude of New Age alternatives to the traditional shot. Wanna new drug? More >>

  • A Year of Living Perilously

    published October 27, 1998

    Almost a year ago, Chang Ki Yoo, then a junior at Francis Lewis High School, spent two nights at Rikers Island for a crime he did not commit.... More >>

  • Miracle Spread

    published October 27, 1998

    The Virgin Mary made her annual trip to Conyers, Georgia, last week to give her message to ordinary little Nancy Fowler, and thousands flocked to... More >>

  • Naked on the Net

    published October 20, 1998

    Last week, the House passed a GOP-sponsored bill to bar online pornography to those under 16, a situation some found bemusing, considering that it... More >>

  • Schools for Scandal

    published October 13, 1998

    Earlier this year, LaShonda Davis alleged that a fellow fifth grader sexually harassed her. Her family filed suit against the Georgia school... More >>

  • The Monica Lewinsky Show

    published October 6, 1998

    Here's some advice for the country's latest, and, perhaps, unluckiest celebrity: More >>

  • Born-Again Prez

    published September 29, 1998

    Clinton has gathered a small circle of religious leaders to help him conquer his sinning ways. Can the power... More >>

  • Explore Your World

    published September 22, 1998

    Last year in Tibet, on a classic-car road rally that went from Beijing to Paris, Drew Fellman encountered a bureaucratic snag. "A Chinese official... More >>

  • MTV Contest Hacked

    published May 5, 1998

    MTV's Wanna Be a VJ Contest was hacked by a New York teenager who gave contestant Jesse Camp (above) thousands of extra votes, the Voice... More >>

  • Upswing

    published May 5, 1998

    Viagra, a new medicine that helps combat impotence, is being touted as the miracle pill of the millennium. Heavy worldwide demand may make it the... More >>

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