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  • Tracking Shots

    published December 30, 2003

    The high points of the Dance on Camera Festival are again shaping up to be documentaries, extended looks at artists and communities that let us... More >>

  • The Brains of the Outfit

    published December 30, 2003

    Twyla Tharp has been blunt about her desire to earn serious money, the kind of paychecks regularly pocketed by star athletes and pop icons. Her... More >>

  • Dance

    published December 30, 2003

    Jody Oberfelder is very small and very strong—and a dance generation or two older than her live performers. She's set herself, for this... More >>

  • Jump Cuts

    published December 23, 2003

    What happens when you give male filmmakers access to a ballet company? Within the first two minutes you're likely to see bare tit, and The... More >>

  • Upcoming

    published December 2, 2003

    There's something a little twisted— literally—about the way members of Circus Oz walk and fly and juggle. Says artistic director Mike... More >>

  • Emerging

    published November 18, 2003

    Five out of six works on this fall's "Fresh Tracks" program hinted that DTW has been hijacked by ETW—NYU's Experimental Theater Wing. This is... More >>

  • Trisha Brown's Artistic Collaborators Take Center Stage

    published November 11, 2003

    This provocative show mentions the museum's propinquity to Judson Memorial Church, where Trisha Brown launched her career. More to the point, the... More >>

  • Ongoing

    published November 11, 2003

    In Manhattan, every waitress is an actress, a dancer, or a singer. Finally, there's a joint that lets staff put their bodies on the line and lift... More >>

  • Dance

    published November 4, 2003

    What distinguishes Shobana Chandrakumar, who started training at three and performing at nine, from the dozens of other Bharatanatyam dancers now... More >>

  • Local Color

    published October 21, 2003

    Back in the day, the Henry Street Settlement's pristine oval theater hosted Alwin Nikolais, whose unique dance theater, then cutting-edge,... More >>

  • Dance

    published October 14, 2003

    Five Koreans with remarkable percussion chops pick up cleavers, brooms, and Day-Glo lariats in the course of this intermission-less romp, and... More >>

  • Dance

    published October 7, 2003

    More than half a century separates two choreographers collaborating with rock bands this week. Merce Cunningham throws in with Radiohead and... More >>

  • Bessie Winners

    published September 30, 2003

    CHOREOGRAPHER-CREATORS: Noemi Lafrance for Descent, RoseAnne Spradlin for under/ world, DD Dorvillier for Dressed for... More >>

  • For Hire

    published September 16, 2003

    Phil Sandström dresses for mobility and troubleshooting, for shinnying up scaffolds and fine-tuning lights. After 23 years as the technology... More >>

  • Fall Dance

    published September 9, 2003

    Deriving choreography from two-dimensional sources like paintings and photographs is a risky strategy. Too often, you wind up with poses instead... More >>

  • Dancing: A Love Story

    published September 2, 2003

    There are three questions people constantly ask working dance writers: Seen anything good lately? What's the difference between ballet and modern?... More >>

  • Upcoming

    published September 2, 2003

    DANCENOW/NYC September 4 through 13, More >>

  • Western Swing and Swirl

    published August 26, 2003

    Out of the West came Michael Smuin's San Francisco ballet troupe, which lost two shows to the blackout, and Cleo Parker Robinson's eclectic... More >>

  • Moving Words

    published August 12, 2003

    Simone Forti and Kenneth King, active downtown since the '60s, hold special places in the pantheon of experimental choreographers. Forti, a... More >>

  • Modern Maturity

    published July 1, 2003

    The Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Dance Company (Aaron Davis Hall, June) took a host of elements dear to Jones's heart—spoken word, improvisation,... More >>

  • Light on the Subject

    published June 3, 2003

    From Bahia to Harlem, dance artists of African descent have made magic for generations. Various avatars brought diverse forms to town last month,... More >>

  • Dance

    published May 13, 2003

    'AMERICAN LIVING ROOM FESTIVAL' HERE Arts Center, 145 Sixth Avenue, 212-647-0202, More >>

  • Zog's Bog

    published April 29, 2003

    Seth Herzog is a pack rat. The 32-year-old comedian, known to his friends as "the Zog," lives by himself in a jam-packed 12.5-by-5-foot studio on... More >>

  • Dancers Make Movies

    published April 22, 2003

    Cheap, portable, light-sensitive equipment and a new understanding that cultural memory increasingly resides in electronic media are driving... More >>

  • Doing Laps

    published March 11, 2003

    Perhaps New Yorkers adopt spiritual pursuits—not to mention the arts—so tenaciously because we have no room to store skis or boats, or... More >>

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