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  • P.S. I Love You

    published December 11, 2007

    This isn't the first time that Richard LaGravenese, the gifted writer of A Little Princess and The Fisher King and writer-director... More >>

  • The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep

    published December 11, 2007

    Personally I wouldn’t take a toddler to this intermittently, legitimately terrifying tale of a boy and his Loch Ness monster. But everyone... More >>

  • Grounded: The Kite Runner Just Won't Fly

    published December 4, 2007

    Kites fly high over the San Francisco Bay and Kabul (OK, China), but not much else soars in Marc Forster’s flaccid adaptation of Khaled... More >>

  • Sorry State of Affairs

    published November 27, 2007

    Re-reading Ian McEwan's Atonement last weekend, my first thought was: I hope to God that Joe Wright—whose broadly grinning Pride &... More >>

  • Savage Love

    published November 20, 2007

    Simmering below the squeamish elder-care euphemism "uncharted territory" is a fearful awareness that when it comes to dealing with the growing... More >>

  • Intelligent Design

    published November 13, 2007

    In Starting Out in the Evening, a new film by Andrew Wagner, a pneumatic graduate student spreads honey over the face of the elderly New... More >>

  • August Rush

    published November 13, 2007

    Known for his galvanizing park-bench scene in Finding Neverland, in which he redeems a programmatically mawkish denouement with a... More >>

  • Yiddish Theater: A Love Story

    published November 13, 2007

    It took seven years for Israeli filmmaker Dan Katzir to raise funds for a documentary about one week in the death of New York City's last... More >>

  • Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

    published November 6, 2007

    Writer-director Zach Helm's amiable but nerveless kids' movie, about a 243-year-old toy-store owner (Dustin Hoffman in shell-shocked hair, a... More >>

  • The Red Balloon

    published November 6, 2007

    If you're of a certain age, chances are one of your seminal childhood moviegoing experiences was Albert Lamorisse's lovely 34-minute The Red... More >>

  • Dull Roar

    published October 30, 2007

    Less a war drama than a set of dueling position papers, Robert Redford's Lions for Lambs may be the gabbiest movie ever made about American... More >>

  • Steal a Pencil for Me

    published October 30, 2007

    Not your mother's Holocaust movie, Michéle Ohayon's gripping documentary asks you both to weep for and celebrate a Dutch Jew who maintained... More >>

  • Rails & Ties

    published October 16, 2007

    No doubt about it, Alison Eastwood has picked up a thing or two from her old man. Her debut feature is slow, deliberate, assured, and shot with a... More >>

  • Rendition

    published October 9, 2007

    For all its brave rhetoric about 9/11 and the Constitution, Gavin Hood's slick thriller about American outsourcing of terror interrogations is far... More >>

  • O Jerusalem

    published October 9, 2007

    Retooling Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre's sprawling 1972 docu-novel about the birth of Israel around a sorely tested friendship between a... More >>

  • Klimt

    published October 9, 2007

    If there's one film that holds its place on my ever-shifting list of the best films of the last decade, it's Raoul Ruiz's 1999 Time... More >>

  • Painful to Watch Ryan Gosling in this Smarmy Little Number

    published October 2, 2007

    How painful to watch Ryan Gosling, one of the most elastic actors of his generation, smirk and gawp and grimace his way through Craig Gillespie's... More >>

  • Kenneth Branagh's Ferociously Arty, Vacuous Remake

    published October 2, 2007

    Kenneth Branagh's ferociously arty, vacuous remake of Joseph L. Mankiewicz's 1972 screen version of Anthony Shaffer's 1970 stage play pares the... More >>

  • Valerie Harper Is Not Jewish. You'd Never Know it Here.

    published October 2, 2007

    Mary Richards's best friend Rhoda aside, Valerie Harper is not Jewish. But you'd never know it from the divinely adenoidal whine in which the... More >>

  • The Price of Sugar

    published September 18, 2007

    The tainted relationship between the dessert on our tables and the suffering of those who produce it gets a horrifying workout in Bill... More >>

  • The Jane Austen Book Club

    published September 11, 2007

    If you can't get enough of the Mutually Supportive Sisterhood narrative, there's every chance you'll go for this perfectly pleasant, perfectly... More >>

  • Help!

    published September 4, 2007

    After Hair, Hairspray, and the mass marketing of tie-dye, can the '60s be shrunk to fit any further? Yes, indeed, here comes Julie... More >>

  • In the Valley of Elah

    published September 4, 2007

    Loosely drawn from a 2004 Playboy piece about the killing of a soldier who went AWOL while on furlough from Iraq, Paul Haggis's wildly... More >>

  • December Boys

    published September 4, 2007

    If Daniel Radcliffe is hoping for an acting life after Harry Potter, he might want to be choosier than this cloying little Australian number about... More >>

  • Angels in the Dust

    published September 4, 2007

    It’s not just children whom Marion Cloete and her family are rescuing in the de facto orphanage and school they’ve set up in rural South... More >>

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