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2006 Stories by Eric Davidson

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  • Cocksure, Cock-Blocking Sleaze

    published November 14, 2006

    There's a heavy air of sleaze to these Philly swillers, so should they invade your local dive, keep your gal a safe distance away when frontman T.... More >>

  • Spazzed-Out Nuttiness Made (Briefly) Tolerable

    published June 20, 2006

    Were it possible to condense the sleaziest fly-by-night roadside carnival into the size of a baseball, then have Roger Clemens whip it through the... More >>

  • Revenge of the Beery Garage-Punk Broads

    published June 6, 2006

    It's one thing to appropriate "fag," but try reclaiming the power of "broad." Most people don't even remember that dusty designation, but the... More >>

  • Cortex-Cutting Cobras

    published May 2, 2006

    What with all the Brian Jonestown mass o' curs barking around MySpace these days, getting all aflutter about a new "psych-rock" band is a task.... More >>

  • Sugar and Licorice

    published April 25, 2006

    When music intelligentsia common knowledge (and there's a lot of it in this town) gets to the point that a darn catchy tune is derided out of... More >>

Archives: 2007 | 2006 | 2005