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1999 Stories by Evelyn McDonnell

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  • Wordstock

    published April 13, 1999

    Really, they were gathering the gatherings. When New York nonprofits City Lore and Poets House decided to organize last weekend's People's Poetry... More >>

  • An Interview With Poet Laureate Robert Pinsky

    published April 13, 1999

    Evelyn McDonnell: What do you think of the idea of the People's Poetry Gathering? Robert Pinsky: The emphasis on vocality... More >>

  • Janis in Wonderland

    published March 2, 1999

    Because Janis Joplin's recording legacy doesn't live up to her performing legend, because she's a symbol of boomers' hegemonic hold on cultural... More >>

  • Fox on the Run

    published February 2, 1999

    Pride. It's a helluva lot better than low self-esteem, and maybe even more useful than anger. Pride may isolate you, but at least you can live... More >>

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