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2002 Stories by Francine Russo

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  • Close-up on Rego Park

    published December 10, 2002

    In parts of Rego Park—in the winding streets of the Crescents, for example, with their rambling mock-Tudor houses—you, well . . .... More >>

  • Limb Biscuit

    published November 26, 2002

    In the tiny Republic of Slovenia (pop. 2 million), the sun shines 2000 hours a year. Perhaps this influences the grim vision of Miha Mazzini, the... More >>

  • Close-Up on Midwood

    published November 19, 2002

    They call it Midwood, but, weekday mornings, it might as well be midtown. On Avenue J, cars inch along, maneuvering past legions of... More >>

  • Close-up on Chinatown

    published November 5, 2002

    Portions of this article have been updated. On Chinatown's narrow, winding backstreets,... More >>

  • Skin and Boners

    published October 29, 2002

    A hundred and fifty years after Uncle Tom's Cabin depicted the black/white divide in stark, simplistic terms, Dael Orlandersmith's... More >>

  • Close Up On: Inwood

    published October 15, 2002

    Portions of this article have been updated. What Manhattan neighborhood offers six miles... More >>

  • Rallying the Troupes

    published September 3, 2002

    They're groundbreaking directors, heading their own companies—and they're not yet out of their twenties. Watch for the youth brigade leading... More >>

  • Close-Up on Clinton (Hell's Kitchen)

    published August 27, 2002

    The Clinton real estate market is hotter than Hell's Kitchen, which is what the old-timers still call the nabe once known for Tammany Hall... More >>

  • Truth or Consequences

    published August 13, 2002

    Games abound in Victims/Trust (Actors Playground)—poker, Monopoly, and cat and mouse—while the players stare down the barrel of a... More >>

  • The Love Hotel

    published June 25, 2002

    "In the four-poster bed, my employer's wife, Kala Murie, lying beside me, the world seemed in perfect order. It was four o'clock in the morning,... More >>

  • The Lord Is a Girl

    published June 11, 2002

    At the juncture in the road where Shakespeare's cross-dressers meet up with Monty Python's blithering knights, playwright Moira Buffini pitches... More >>

  • The Artist as Young Dog

    published June 4, 2002

    Richard Foreman's psyche is open for viewing. His words spew ceaselessly from a video monitor atop an ungainly robot. Birthday-party squiggles of... More >>

  • On the C-Line

    published May 7, 2002

    Before Rent was a musical, when Dumbo was still an animated pachyderm, there was the Village. Kids of a literary or arty bent heeded its... More >>

  • Share Wear

    published February 19, 2002

    After more than a century, the mystery of why Ibsen's Little Eyolf is so rarely performed has been solved: It's a dog. The production now... More >>

  • Tex-Mex Platter

    published January 8, 2002

    Bodies contorted, arms bent back into wings, or necks bent, yowling at the moon—Sigfrido Aguilar and Jim Calder do a mean chicken and coyote... More >>

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