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  • Pop Den Mother Needs a Taste of Her Own Medicine

    published September 12, 2006

    Kara DioGuardi has been co-writer, co-producer, background singer, and probably bottle washer and therapist for a whole hunk of the best pop music... More >>

  • Shame and Sensibility

    published July 18, 2006

    Lead Dixie Chick Natalie Maines has always had a warm voice that nonetheless contains flicks of the whip, and "Not Ready to Make Nice" is perfect... More >>

  • Joy With No BS

    published May 16, 2006

    Teenpop's Pink-Avril-Ashlee era was foreshadowed back in 1999, when two 15-year-old Norwegian girls sang, "Don't say you love me, you don't even... More >>

  • Perpetual Summer Cruelty

    published May 2, 2006

    Lily Allen's "LDN" is an absolutely bliss-inducing calypso-ska number that's every bit as sunny and shimmering as the Kinks' "Sunny Afternoon" and... More >>

  • Harmonic Convergence

    published April 4, 2006

    It's been an amazing decade for teenpop, and it's amazing right now, Aly & AJ's "Rush" coming in at the end of last year and the Veronicas'... More >>

  • Live-Wire Christian Texans Return Teen-Pop's Goth-Metal Favor

    published April 4, 2006

    Over on the rock and Christian charts, a ferocious young Texas band called Flyleaf has been coming on like the next Evanescence, with... More >>

  • Burma Rave

    published March 7, 2006

    The Guitars of the Golden Triangle compilation is achingly gorgeous and energetically ratty at the same time. The title grabs your... More >>

  • Footnote Forgoes Retrenchment, Slinks Mysteriously Instead

    published February 21, 2006

    The 101ers' Elgin Avenue Breakdown (Revisited) compilation was rereleased last June with bonus live tracks, but I delayed listening as I'd... More >>

  • Heck Week

    published February 7, 2006

    In their best songs, country band Little Big Town are Skynyrd-Allman Southern rockers who make the inexplicably self-defeating decision to use a... More >>

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