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2002 Stories by Frank Kogan

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  • The Onslaught

    published December 24, 2002

    Within music are two contrary impulses, both worth nurturing: the impulse to focus on a main story, such as a lead melody or lead singer or... More >>

  • Count Five, Have a Psychotic Reaction

    published November 5, 2002

    I checked the Oxes' press kit online—pictures of the band cavorting, but it didn't tell me what I most wanted to learn, which is why they... More >>

  • Quiet Desert Storm

    published October 29, 2002

    Toby Keith has a strong rich voice, but he lets it sit easily—so easily that it's easy to overlook what a good singer he is. In this he... More >>

  • Irony is Hell

    published September 24, 2002

    I'm just a writer of simple record reviews. I read The New York Times, but I'm not sure I can tell you the difference between the Hives and... More >>

  • On-Ramp to Style

    published August 27, 2002

    At first glance, the cover of the Gentlemen of Leisure CD seemed like a boring attempt at "style," but now it strikes me as a charmingly... More >>

  • Whose Kiss Is This

    published July 23, 2002

    Paulina Rubio is even sexier in English than in Spanish. Or maybe it's not she but her music that's sexier. You can compare the two great... More >>

  • In the Inknight Hour

    published July 9, 2002

    Northern State are three young women living in the flash and spirit of 1980, batting words and rhymes back and forth just like the Furious Five of... More >>

  • Fearless Game

    published June 11, 2002

    I disagree with those who feel that hip-hop is in stasis. (I should be in such stasis.) Maybe there's no particular direction for the... More >>

  • The Play's the Thing

    published May 21, 2002

    Celine Dion's new album has three or so songs that I incessantly crave hearing, which is at least two more of hers than I'd previously had such a... More >>

  • Less Is More

    published April 9, 2002

    The Tweet single "Oops (Oh My)" has just one drum, a simple Timbaland rhythm that hits the counter beats instead of the main ones. There's a... More >>

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    published March 12, 2002

    If you took your way-back machine anywhere into the prehistory of dancing, you'd probably find the music wavering between two poles: musical forms... More >>

  • On Beyond Bob

    published February 19, 2002

    A friend of mine told me a few months ago that his favorite new albums were by Montgomery Gentry, the White Stripes, and Dylan. "Hey, it's a... More >>

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