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1998 Stories by Gary Giddins

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  • Rousing Rabble

    published December 8, 1998

    As Illinois Jacquet chomps down on his reed and squeals for the fifth or sixth time, you may feel a tad self-conscious about listening to The... More >>

  • Night Work

    published November 17, 1998

    Singers have a rough row. Other musicians project their imaginations through instruments that double as prophylactics for their egos, but a singer... More >>

  • Old Man Rivers

    published October 6, 1998

    A funny thing happened to Sam Rivers on the way to his 68th birthday last Friday--he turned 75. Every reference book and liner note states his... More >>

  • Requiem for a Flag-Waver

    published July 14, 1998

    As I was saying. Why complain if a jazz festival is no more than a congested confluence of concerts? JVC followed on the heels of Texaco... More >>

  • Is Everyone Happy?

    published June 23, 1998

    Why complain if a jazz festival is no more than a highly publicized, highly congested confluence of concerts? It provides work, a little... More >>

  • Big Burritos

    published June 9, 1998

    Until it was reissued by the Smithsonian last year, I had never heard Harry Smith's 1952 Folkways Anthology of American Folk Music, though... More >>

  • Wayne's World

    published May 12, 1998

    Wayne is coming to Lincoln Center. What will Wayne do? What will Wayne, who like Miles needs no last name (nor, I suppose, do Herbie, Ron, or... More >>

  • Beale Street Talks

    published January 20, 1998

    Is there a Memphis style in jazz, a Memphis sound or school? The city is so steeped in the genealogy of blues, from publisher-patriarch W.C. Handy... More >>

  • They're Bo-o-o-xed!

    published January 6, 1998

    The most vivid memory of live jazz '97 I take with me into the new year was sown at the Vanguard a couple of weeks back, when Jackie McLean... More >>

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