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  • All the Things He Was

    published November 28, 2000

    While visiting Hollywood in 1946, a few months after Jerome Kern's passing, Dizzy Gillespie collaborated with arranger Johnny Richards on a Kern... More >>

  • Did You Hear Sonny Rollins?

    published November 14, 2000

    Last August, at Lincoln Center Plaza, 70-year-old Sonny Rollins gave one of the most exhilarating, inspired, go-for-broke, don't-look-back... More >>

  • Sun Ra’s Saturnal Sorcery

    published October 10, 2000

    Early one morning, listening to Sun Ra's recently restored Pathways to Unknown Worlds, I was taken with the grainy glissandi that... More >>

  • Zooids New and Old

    published September 26, 2000

    Schoenberg warned a century ago, during that twilight zone between Wagner and Stravinsky, that the tempered scale was used up—its melodies... More >>

  • Separate but Equal

    published September 5, 2000

    I recently ran into a couple of tourists in an overpriced jazz club, listening to some good, if far-out music that they found almost as... More >>

  • Carterology

    published August 1, 2000

    Atlantic's simultaneous release of James Carter's Chasin' the Gypsy, a tribute to Django Reinhardt, and Layin' in the Cut, an... More >>

  • Touring the Jazz Museum

    published July 11, 2000

    Is jazz a dead historic thing, or is it simply homesick for another era, any other era? The first concert hall ever built to house jazz is... More >>

  • Saved by the Classics

    published June 20, 2000

    Okay, so Michael Dorf is not the Flo Ziegfeld of jazz, not yet. Forgive the prefestival enthusiasm, but the pain of festivals past, like the pain... More >>

  • Comeback Number Six

    published June 6, 2000

    Lonnie Johnson is back, sort of. It's only fitting: He's been coming back every decade or so since the 1920s, casting big shadows and then... More >>

  • Mrs. Swing

    published June 6, 2000

    Poor Mildred Bailey. Her life was short and difficult, and the neglect of her art has been long and impervious. During the height of her career,... More >>

  • Freed Jazz

    published May 30, 2000

    On a recent Thursday morning, I visited the recording studio and rehearsal space Ornette Coleman has created in a building at 125th Street and... More >>

  • Bob Dorough Endures

    published May 9, 2000

    I was having a high old time listening to Bob Dorough's new record, Too Much Coffee Man (Blue Note), which may be his best, when my... More >>

  • 21st Century History

    published May 2, 2000

    Some 20 years ago, Columbia Records, then operating under the benevolent jazzcentric hand of Bruce Lundvall, threw a party at Broadway and 52nd... More >>

  • For Whom the Bellow Tolls

    published April 18, 2000

    Several short stories have been expanded into novels, but Ravelstein may be the first novel expanded from a eulogy. Almost every incident,... More >>

Archives: 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998 | 1997