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  • Mean Man's Dream

    published December 26, 2000

    The newest and greatest tradition in Pasadena arrives every January 1 at precisely 9 a.m. For the last two years, rivaling even the Rose Bowl as... More >>

  • Electoral College Rock: Tilden Defeats Hayes?

    published December 19, 2000

    Fat Bobby—who is not, in matter of fact, fat—of Brooklyn hard rockers Oneida writes that "Power Animals," from his band's latest,... More >>

  • Pumpin’ for Michelle

    published December 12, 2000

    The first thing you notice about the Spinatras' is how Ross the Boss has packed all his old Dictator gee-tar licks into the... More >>

  • Come Softly to Me

    published November 14, 2000

    It says here in the notes to David Roter Method's They Made Me that Mr. Roter is an educator; actually, you might think of him as someone... More >>

  • Lying Saucer

    published September 12, 2000

    Every day sees one more example of the creeping nincompoopism constant in American life. Today's selection is UFO's Covenant. The "bonus"... More >>

  • Wizards of Ozone

    published August 29, 2000

    Finding a decently burning rock and roll band in Southern California is much like searching for ozone-free sky in Pasadena, where every citizen's... More >>

  • Goodbye Mr. Zeps

    published August 15, 2000

    Jimmy Page & the Black Crowes' Live at the Greek is everything you've been told was loathed (as in, "We mean it, m-a-a-an!") in mid-'70s... More >>

  • Tusks Stuck in the Muck

    published August 8, 2000

    In the middle of L.A.'s concrete wasteland is the certifiably vile La Brea tar pit. Sold as a tourist attraction, it's really just an inky pool of... More >>

  • Power Booster to the People

    published July 25, 2000

    In 1970, whilst in my first garage band, I bought a battery-loaded aluminum box—about the size of a cigarette pack—called a Linear Power... More >>

  • Wimps of Desire

    published July 11, 2000

    Greetings from parochial southern California, where relentless local cheerleading brings you Tsar, who (their CD sticker rants) exhibit "all the... More >>

  • Stumbling Toward Failure

    published May 9, 2000

    While the stoner-metal movement has certainly driven the meat wagon over the cliff in its swarming Cheech & Chong-ism and Sabbath clichés... More >>

  • Doomsday in the MP3 Wars

    published May 9, 2000

    Here at the Teleological Office of Morbidity and Burial (TOMB), we are constantly on the watch for the... More >>

  • Uriah Careys On

    published April 25, 2000

    "Only the young stay young," bleat Uriah Heep on Sonic Origami, the first American-released "new" CD (technically it's a year and a half... More >>

  • Death by Truncheon

    published March 21, 2000

    You just know a Scandinavian death metal band is on the right track when it prefers performing songs written by senior citizens to the... More >>

  • Harvester of Hands

    published March 14, 2000

    I once saw an episode of The Outer Limits called "The Borderland," about this mad scientist who was opening a doorway to an alternate... More >>

  • Net-Surfing Cheetahs With Hearts Full of Outtakes

    published February 22, 2000

    My first reaction when I heard about Rhino Handmade's seven-CD box set of the Stooges' Complete Funhouse Sessions was that it had to be a... More >>

  • Swede Surrender

    published February 8, 2000

    Truth be told, the chatter of the fanzine dumbigentsia was almost enough to keep me from listening to the Hellacopters' Grande Rock for... More >>

  • The Unasaunders Manifesto

    published January 18, 2000

    About 10 years ago, while still an ink-stained newspaper wretch, I received a photo custom-framed by sometime Angry Samoan (and future sometime... More >>

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