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2005 Stories by Grace Bastidas

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  • Escape to Baja

    published November 1, 2005

    What do Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, and John Wayne have in common? (John Wayne never dated Brad Pitt, so that's not it.) Answer: They've... More >>

  • A Pre-Castro Place Where the Mojitos Are the Spirit of Choice

    published September 20, 2005

    As fall sets in, we're reminded that the winter chill is not far behind. Since extending the summer by traveling to white, sandy beaches every few... More >>

  • Journey to the Motherland

    published September 13, 2005

    "All I wanted to do now was get back to Africa," Hemingway once wrote. "We had not left it yet, but when I would wake in the night I would lie,... More >>

  • Losing My Religion

    published August 9, 2005

    After a few visits to Cartagena, Colombia, I once told my family I wanted to quit my job, move to the Caribbean city, and sell braided bracelets... More >>

  • The Other Side of Colombia

    published May 31, 2005

    Every trip I've ever made to Colombia has always elicited the same reaction from most people upon my return. "Isn't it dangerous there?" they ask,... More >>

  • The Grill Deal

    published April 26, 2005

    If your idea of barbecuing is setting up a $10 grill on your fire escape (illegal!) and browning a couple of hot dogs, salvation is on the way.... More >>

  • The Big Easy Does It

    published April 19, 2005

    Forget moderation while in New Orleans. The Crescent city begs for excess. You'll either drink too much, party too much, or if you're anything... More >>

  • Tera Alert

    published April 12, 2005

    On camera she's done plenty of girl on girl scenes, but in real life, porn star Tera Patrick would rather turn off the lights and have... More >>

  • Flight of Fancy

    published March 29, 2005

    Jaded, globe-trotting New Yorkers: Relax. A lengthy flight need no longer be a nightmare made tolerable by Johnnie Black and Dramamine. Next time... More >>

  • Don't Cast Away Puerto Rico

    published March 22, 2005

    For many sun-worshipers, Puerto Rico might seem like the been-there, done-that of destinations on the Caribbean Sea. With its close proximity... More >>

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