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2006 Stories by Gustavo Arellano

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  • Special Year-End Edición

    published December 19, 2006

    Dear Mexican: I'm a Spanish-language student struggling with tenses and the gender of nouns. The other day, some friends and I were discussing... More >>

  • Curious Courting Rituals Explained

    published December 12, 2006

    Dear Mexican: It seems that whenever Chicano professors want to show off their mexicanidad, they wear a guayabera. In fact, I saw a... More >>

  • McDonald's Game Pieces Go Bilingual

    published December 5, 2006

    Dear Readers: Many kind, drunken words from ustedes regarding my Nov. 16 column proclaiming Mexicans and Irish "brothers in depravity."... More >>

  • Special One-Question Edición

    published November 28, 2006

    ¡ASK A MEXICAN! SPECIAL ONE-QUESTION EDICIÓN Note to readers: The following is a serious, stat-saturated Mexican. I promise more... More >>

  • News

    published November 14, 2006

    Dear Mexican: My fiancé is trying to learn Spanish so he can speak to my grandmother when we get married next month. Lately, he's been... More >>

  • News

    published November 7, 2006

    Dear Mexican: Not long ago, I attended a Los Tigres del Norte concert at a small hall with no dance floor. The people attending were supposed... More >>

  • Wordplay and Linguistic Amnesia

    published October 24, 2006

    Dear Mexican: It's hard out here for a brotha! First, we had to deal with those pieces of shit called the K.K.K. and their supporters. Now we... More >>

  • Special Four-Part Edition

    published October 24, 2006

    Dear Mexican: A friend says she read somewhere that only 20 percent of Mexican men will go down on their ladies. I don't believe that. Can you... More >>

  • Special Rip-Off Edicion

    published October 3, 2006

    Dear Mexican: How can you explain the disparity between Japan and Mexico? Japan is a nation a fraction the size of Mexico, with zero natural... More >>

  • News

    published September 19, 2006

    Dear Mexican: I see Jews, Asians and Persians making something of themselves and conducing safe, walkable communities. Of course they're not... More >>

  • 'What Male Doesn't Want to Be Sexually Objectified?'

    published September 12, 2006

    Dear Mexican: My gabacha friends and I marched in the May pro-amnesty rallies and wanted to show our support on our chests as well as... More >>

  • Special Mother Edicíon

    published September 5, 2006

    Dear Mexican: I heard that Mexicans at an Orange County candy factory think they saw the Virgin Mary in a pile of melted chocolate. Why do... More >>

  • Special New Mexico Edition

    published August 29, 2006

    Dear Mexican: What's with Mexican-Americans who live in New Mexico claiming they're Spanish and not Mexican? Many actually get angry and... More >>

  • Special Food Edicíon

    published August 22, 2006

    Dear Mexican: Why do Mexicans forget about great beers like Tecate, Negra Modelo and Bohemia and start drinking swill like Bud Light when they... More >>

  • 'No more gorgeous Mexican guys for me?'

    published August 15, 2006

    Dear Readers: My July 20 column advising Enamorada Gabacha to improve her relationship with the Mexican who invaded her heart by giving him "an... More >>

  • Special Three-Pregunta Edition

    published August 8, 2006

    Dear Mexican: The last two movies I attended were rated R. Sitting around me were Mexican families with very young children. Why do Mexicans... More >>

  • 'What's With ALL the Drama?'

    published August 1, 2006

    Dear Mexican: The Mexican presidential elections have been a freaking mess. I voted for the conservative candidate, Felipe Calderón, who... More >>

  • 'Real-life Mexicans not only don't care about those stereotypes, they embrace them'

    published July 18, 2006

    Dear Mexican: I'm a culturally sensitive, P.C. Asian-American who laughed my head off at Jack Black's imitation of a Mexican in Nacho... More >>

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