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1998 Stories by Guy Trebay

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  • Sex Panic

    published December 29, 1998

    How Jimmy Jazzy comes to be carrying a dildo is anyone's guess. He just happens to have it in his pocket, he says. Jimmy and a couple of buddies... More >>

  • Coming Clean

    published December 22, 1998

    Before spa, the Concept, there were baths, the urgent need. Before aromatherapy— or indoor plumbing, for that matter— there were public... More >>

  • Scents and Sensibility

    published December 8, 1998

    True story. Artist friend from '80s develops smack problem, solves it during several trips to Silver Hill (famous alumni: Truman Capote, Joan... More >>

  • Looking Blackward

    published December 1, 1998

    It was a reunion, but of people who'd probably never met. Packed into a basement room in Harlem one night last week, dozens of the artists... More >>

  • Slap Happy

    published November 24, 1998

    They came to the work from divergent places. He was a young Jewish gay man from Milwaukee who grew up fantasizing over the elaborate tortures he... More >>

  • Uprooted

    published November 17, 1998

    No one but the local hookers cared when Cynthia Nibbelink-Worley started puttering in a vacant Harlem lot back in 1985. The ladies who'd been... More >>

  • Beyond The Fence: Conjuring the Lives of Martyr Matthew Shepard

    published November 3, 1998

    Laramie, Wyoming--Crucifixion was not the right symbol. Lynching was also incorrect. A coyote nailed to a fence in warning was as near as anyone... More >>

  • Out of the Garret

    published October 27, 1998

    Whatever became of starving artists? Was the legend of painters in garrets lit by 40-watt lightbulbs just a quaint cultural delusion? Or do they... More >>

  • Against Collecting

    published October 27, 1998

    I hate collecting. I hate even the idea of a person being defined by things. I detest the thought of concocting a self from the horrible emptiness... More >>

  • Miracle Worker

    published October 20, 1998

    "Who's the hottest picture tonight?" "Oprah." "That's it?" "Oprah. Oprah. I gave it to you the first time. Oprah. She's the... More >>

  • Live from the Wet Spot

    published October 13, 1998

    SEATTLE--He's best described by what he isn't. He's not the Nuisance Lady, the Problem Lady, Miss Manners, or E. Jean. He's not Ann Landers, the... More >>

  • The Hate Report

    published September 29, 1998

    It was one of those non-coincidences New Age types call synchronous. On the same day that the man in Gracie Mansion released one of his periodic,... More >>

  • The River Wild

    published August 25, 1998

    This is the record of a failure and I blame my part on shoes. Recently I got an idea to walk around Manhattan Island. Rather, I was curious to see... More >>

  • In Stitches

    published August 11, 1998

    Why the World Needs FashionFrom a confidential memo for the spring 1999 Pelle Pelle menswear fashion show, pinned to a dressing room... More >>

  • Caught Looking

    published August 4, 1998

    They closed down the Bitch Booth on Friday. Workers hauled away the windowed doors ("EXOTIC. LADIES. TIPS APPRECIATED.") to the peeps. Show World... More >>

  • Come to Mama

    published July 21, 1998

    The woman in the white dress with her head thrown back is laughing silently. Or maybe she's crying. It's hard to tell. The people all around her... More >>

  • Rats!

    published July 14, 1998

    Does anyone else get the creeps from that sinister rodent? Or do people really still think of him as a jolly ambassador of all-American... More >>

  • China in Clinton

    published July 7, 1998

    A German stylist has just wiped out the entire stock of bandana parasols. An Italian fashion editor is around the corner stuffing her basket with... More >>

  • Dancer From the Dance

    published June 30, 1998

    The dancers are wrapping themselves in long white sarongs, pulled up between their legs and knotted at the waist; there are 16 of them, two new,... More >>

  • The Works

    published June 23, 1998

    Needing to be oblivious isn't the same as wanting to be dead. This, it always struck me, is a fundamental misperception about heroin abuse. I say... More >>

  • No Park-ing Today

    published June 16, 1998

    Charging up Poet's Walk in his in-line skates, Joe Wills gets almost as far as the Naumberg Bandshell and suddenly pulls up short. The entire... More >>

  • Hemp and Circumstance

    published May 12, 1998

    Silly Billy took a purple balloon from little Madalyn and showed it to the crowd. Actually, there wasn't much of a crowd, just a smattering of... More >>

  • Under Wraps

    published May 5, 1998

    What most people think about Sikhs is two things, maximum,'' Upinder Singh remarked one recent morning. ''Turbans and yellow cabs.'' The... More >>

  • Bronx Tale

    published April 28, 1998

    The two kids on Hyperspeed bikes pause to peer through a delivery gate and into the shuttered stadium. They're looking for seat 7, section 22,... More >>

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