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1999 Stories by Guy Trebay

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  • Auto Erotica

    published April 13, 1999

    The sleek sexy models are here. They're pneumatic and aerodymanic and come in cool shades of fire-engine red and bottle-fly green. They've got... More >>

  • Overkill

    published April 6, 1999

    Richmond, Virginia— Eddie Northington was the type of guy a lot of people would probably have liked to kill. He was big. He was... More >>

  • Disobedience Training

    published March 23, 1999

    Everything as expected: Protesters toting placards of Giuliani with Hitler mustache, carrying "Police State" posters, carrying old-fashioned wool... More >>

  • Car Park

    published March 16, 1999

    Jim Perini came dangerously close to getting nailed the other morning while jogging in Central Park. Coming into the final turn of a six-mile 5... More >>

  • Phallus in Wonderland

    published March 9, 1999

    The guy with the foot-long penis is introducing himself to the fellow who's gone on record as calling the human phallus a heinous device. "I'm the... More >>

  • Designer Sampling

    published February 23, 1999

    So Kate Moss was doing drugs all along and Calvin Klein was always a shrewd media manipulator with less interest in hemlines than in bottom lines.... More >>

  • Wrap Sheet

    published February 9, 1999

    As luxury items go, it's almost disappointing. The undyed color is mouse brown. The texture resembles surgical gauze. It costs as much as a Rolex... More >>

  • The Other White Meat

    published February 2, 1999

    "If you've got tits like these, you've got to wear them out," Anne Dunn is saying. "With an E cup, they're always gonna be there." Dunn is wearing... More >>

  • Outside Looking In

    published January 26, 1999

    Do you paint with soot and spit? Are flying saucers part of your aesthetic program? Has Daddy Jesus been beaming messages through your fingers and... More >>

  • Hack Work

    published January 19, 1999

    It was a freak accident. The twilit street was covered with snow. Salt had shorted the underground wires. The three-by-five-foot steel service-box... More >>

  • The Art of Effacement

    published January 12, 1999

    When artist Ray Johnson walked off a Sag Harbor bridge in 1995, and began backstroking through the frigid waters of Sag Harbor Cove, there was... More >>

  • Bother From Another Planet

    published January 5, 1999

    Suddenly the lingua franca in Central Park is Italian. French is Fifth Avenue's new mother tongue. In Soho, it's Spanish, as spoken with Argentine... More >>

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