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  • Same-Sex Marriage, Bronx-Style

    published Jul 25, 2011

    There were 42 marriage licenses given out Sunday in the Bronx, but wandering in and around the massive building, much of the courthouse crew seemed as indifferent to the historic day as the Yankee cro... More >>

  • Ray Kelly: NYPD Will Eye New Midtown Traffic Cameras

    published Jul 19, 2011

    Privacy? That's so 20th Century. "We certainly monitor the traffic cameras," Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told me today, when I asked him about the 32 video cameras and E-ZPass readers placed throug... More >>

  • Harry Siegel

    Citizen Bloomberg

    published July 20, 2011

    After a charmed first decade in politics, Mayor Mike Bloomberg is mired in his first sustained losing streak. His third term has been... More >>

  • Anthony Weiner's Last Words (For Now)

    published Jun 16, 2011

    Anthony Weiner, delivering his second apology, this one followed by a stump-speech-like paean to the city's middle class, seems to have intended for his resignation today to serve as interlude, not ob... More >>

  • Anthony Weiner Was Warned: His Close Call With Political Punishment in 2009

    Anthony Weiner Was Warned: His Close Call With Political Punishment in 2009

    published Jun 10, 2011

    Remember: We were just a Bloombergian notion away from Mayor Weiner. While Bloomberg and his circle have stayed mostly mum as Anthony Weiner has melted down, a senior member of the mayor's 2009 elec... More >>

  • Anthony Weiner: Grilled, But Not Done Yet

    published Jun 06, 2011

    ​Clearly, Anthony Weiner's belated and Breitbart-crashed take-his-medicine press conference this afternoon was aimed at putting the lid on a story that's dominating the headlines. And with a week's ... More >>

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Archives: 2011