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2005 Stories by Irin Carmon

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  • No Nose Job

    published September 27, 2005

    The gaucho, the tough, half-breed cowboy of Argentine lore, once ruled the pampas, and the Jews landing there a century ago wanted a piece of it.... More >>

  • Cradle and Bed

    published July 19, 2005

    Andrea Echeverri says an angel appeared after she drank hallucinogenic tea and told her to have a baby. Echeverri obeyed, but unlike at least one... More >>

  • No Comment

    published March 1, 2005

    We are Latin Americanist Hindi interpreters from the subcontinent, bespectacled Brazilian graduate students who served in the Israeli army, rangy... More >>

  • Keepin' It Israel

    published February 1, 2005

    Given that reggae has borrowed Zion, maybe the equation can go both ways? A recent crop of Israeli-bred beats is refracting through the idioms... More >>

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