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1998 Stories by J.A. Lobbia

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  • Park Here?

    published December 29, 1998

    At the far western end of Canal Street near the Hudson River, cars, cabs, and heavy trucks muscle their way to the Holland Tunnel and Manhattan... More >>

  • If Walls Could Talk

    published December 22, 1998

    There was an open house for an apartment on Orchard Street last week, and, as usual, people lined up on the sidewalk waiting to see it. Once the... More >>

  • Terror on East Fifth Street

    published December 15, 1998

    On October 26, for the first time in a long time, Darlene Margeta went to bed with her mind at ease. Earlier that day, police had arrested her... More >>

  • Full House

    published December 8, 1998

    When the curtain rose this spring on a plan to let Broadway theater owners reap windfall profits by selling air rights, some of New York's richest... More >>

  • The Big Chill

    published December 1, 1998

    While meteorologists are forecasting a colder and stormier winter than New York has seen in a few years, some city housing employees are... More >>

  • Martha Washington Goes Coed

    published November 17, 1998

    Claiming that it is illegal to bar tenants based on gender, the Hotel Martha Washington on East 30th Street is open to men for the first time in... More >>

  • Trickle Down Dow?

    published October 27, 1998

    The Dow is unsteady. Bonds are earthbound. Merrill Lynch is putting nearly 5000 workers out of jobs, and other Wall Street houses are expected to... More >>

  • Empty in the Middle

    published October 20, 1998

    Set within the often illogical framework of New York City housing is a rare spot of common sense: the Mitchell-Lama program, a state plan whose... More >>

  • Signs of the Times

    published October 20, 1998

    The battle over Times Square is being fought again. Only this time, it's being waged about four miles south of 42nd Street. In Noho and Soho,... More >>

  • Death by Degree?

    published October 13, 1998

    Prosecutors in the Brooklyn district attorney's office are investigating the death of an elderly woman who died in July after temperatures in her... More >>

  • Down in the Old Hotel

    published October 6, 1998

    On the Upper West Side, landlords converting an old rooming house into a tourist hotel are doing so much demolition work, the remaining tenants... More >>

  • Hell's Kitchen is Burning

    published September 8, 1998

    On a map, Hell's Kitchen looks like a perfectly squared-off and straightforward neighborhood, a grid par excellence. Especially in its northern... More >>

  • Dutch Treat

    published August 11, 1998

    Among the many distinguishing features of New York City real estate, one is prominent: change. Hospitals evolve into luxury apartments, landmarks... More >>

  • New York High Rise

    published August 11, 1998

    A long-suppressed study obtained by the Voice shows that when it comes to rent, politics can be just as important as research. The report,... More >>

  • Birthday Wishes

    published August 4, 1998

    On July 28, Camden Sylvia was to have celebrated her 37th birthday. Instead, friends were making plans for an August memorial mass. And on July 6,... More >>

  • Act II: The Siege

    published July 28, 1998

    There's a new drama playing on Broadway, and the most recent scene left some of the actors themselves stunned. "The city council today gave away... More >>

  • ...Like It's 1999

    published July 7, 1998

    Today might not feel like New Year's, but that's exactly what it is for City Hall. July 1 begins city fiscal year 1999, and that makes today... More >>

  • Rent Board to Tenants: Take a Hike

    published June 23, 1998

    For landlords, the news from the city's Rent Guidelines Board is good: rents are up, the market is tight, and the costs of most items, from fuel... More >>

  • $2000: A Rent Odyssey

    published June 16, 1998

    Karen stomps around her Upper East Side apartment sounding like a hawker for Home Depot. "Look at this," she says in her galley kitchen. "You got... More >>

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