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1999 Stories by J. Hoberman

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  • Too Much, Too Soon

    published June 22, 1999

    Like any religion, the movies have their martyrs—some even sacrificed on the altar of art. The archetypal frustrated career is Orson... More >>

  • So Long a Go-Go

    published June 15, 1999

    Jean-Luc Godard has long been consigned to the margins of commercial cinema, but the "new wave" cinema epitomized by his 1959 Breathless... More >>

  • Smoke and Mirrors

    published June 8, 1999

    Advertising, as any American child can tell you, is largely based on imbuing a specific brand of a particular product, the more useless the... More >>

  • Artists in Love

    published May 25, 1999

    The Cannes Film Festival climaxed last week amid ritual hand-wringing over the decline of European art cinema. As if on cue, the home front's... More >>

  • All Droid Up

    published May 18, 1999

    There's a rough justice in the way the 24-hour news cycle devours its own. Bill Clinton was the first American president to enjoy a preinaugural... More >>

  • The Force Will Always Be with Us

    published May 11, 1999

    Leave it to George Lucas to schedule the millennium to promote his new movie. For millions, the second coming of Star Wars is a cosmic... More >>

  • Between Two Worlds

    published May 11, 1999

    Touched by an angel: seraphim spotting is said to have surpassed UFO sightings, not to mention Elvis alerts, in the annals of American... More >>

  • Dark City

    published May 4, 1999

    However hoked-up and self-regarding, The Third Man, rereleased this week in a fully restored version on the occasion of its 50th... More >>

  • Back Stories

    published April 27, 1999

    Touted as the first American feature shot in Vietnam since the war, Tony Bui's Three Seasons is a movie of multiple nostalgias. The big... More >>

  • Trip Teases

    published April 20, 1999

    David Cronenberg is body horror's acknowledged high muckety-muck, but his comic cyberthriller, eXistenZ, shows him in a relatively benign... More >>

  • Out of the Past

    published April 13, 1999

    Gillies MacKinnon's robustly directed, fiercely pictorial, drastically sanitized, and ultimately bungled adaptation of Esther Freud's 1992 novel,... More >>

  • Local Hero

    published April 6, 1999

    An exuberant fixture on the Downtown film and video scene for three decades, Raffe Azzouny— known to all as Rafic— died in his sleep,... More >>

  • The Stunt Men

    published April 6, 1999

    Go, the bluntly titled action-comedy directed by Doug Liman in wide-screen pulsarama, is a disaster film with an exceedingly witty premise.... More >>

  • Spring Fever

    published March 30, 1999

    Self-consciously nestling into the richest, most fashionable and comforting of American regional cultures, Cookie's Fortune received an... More >>

  • World in Motion

    published March 23, 1999

    Heading into its 28th year, this annual Film Society of Lincoln Center­ Museum of Modern Art coproduction remains the most international of... More >>

  • Guilt Bonds

    published March 23, 1999

    A ridiculous deus-ex-machina "wrong man" story, Clint Eastwood's True Crime begins as though it might be Escape From Alcatraz II, a... More >>

  • A Snitch in Time

    published March 16, 1999

    The Berlin Wall is dust, the Doomsday Machine dismantled, the Soviet Union dismembered. And Sunday night, in the midst of the interminable orgy of... More >>

  • Meat and Greet

    published March 16, 1999

    I Stand Alone, a movie that did much to hone the edge of the last New York Film Festival, is lacerating in its precision. This hair-trigger... More >>

  • Up Beat

    published March 9, 1999

    Reaching back to the heroic age, the NYUFF presents two artifacts Alfred Leslie made in the aftermath of Pull My Daisy— the... More >>

  • Guided by Voices

    published March 9, 1999

    The Harmonists, as Joseph Vilsmaier's Comedian Harmonists has been retitled for American release, is framed as a sort of... More >>

  • Tribute to Edward G. Robinson

    published March 2, 1999

    The greatest of Jewish movie gangsters (although he was cast instead as Italian, Greek, Portuguese, or Chinese), Edward G. Robinson, né... More >>

  • Flesh and Fantasy

    published February 23, 1999

    Looking at looking: A middle-aged filmmaker whose career dates to the tide-pool stage of the French New Wave, Benoit Jacquot has made his... More >>

  • Global Village People

    published February 16, 1999

    The teenaged daughter of an internationally celebrated filmmaker makes a feature-length documentary about twin 11-year-old girls who have been... More >>

  • Artists and Models

    published February 9, 1999

    You can keep your cutie-pie Shakespeare in Love. The season's wittiest, most original, and best-written portrait of the artist as a young... More >>

  • Going Native

    published February 2, 1999

    A sexy stranger lands in the midst of a settled, community-sanctioned relationship with convulsive results. It's the story of Picnic,... More >>

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