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2002 Stories by J. Hoberman

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  • Suspended Animation

    published July 2, 2002

    The most highly acclaimed Swedish art film in recent memory, Roy Andersson's supremely crafted, millennium-pegged Songs From the Second... More >>

  • Private Eyes

    published June 25, 2002

    Miscast, misguided, and often nonsensical, Minority Report is nevertheless the most entertaining, least pretentious genre movie Steven... More >>

  • The Art of War

    published June 18, 2002

    A landscape of smoky rubble littered with American corpses: Mogadishu, the Ia Drang valley, downtown Baltimore. For seven weeks out of the past... More >>

  • Zero for Conduct

    published June 18, 2002

    A grimly suggestive and unexpectedly tender bedroom farce, Billy Wilder's Kiss Me, Stupid is a true film maudit—condemned by... More >>

  • Holy Ghost World

    published June 11, 2002

    Not the topical exposé its title suggests, The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys waxes nostalgic for the far more innocent church... More >>

  • All or Nothing at the Cannes Film Festival

    published June 4, 2002

    Cannes, FranceSay this for the circus of iron discipline and sun-baked self-indulgence that constitutes the Cannes Film Festival: It's a... More >>

  • Let There Be Light

    published June 4, 2002

    "Astonish me," Diaghilev ordered Cocteau, and The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat) more than fulfills that regal dictum for new art. The first... More >>

  • Polanski Wins Top Prize at Cannes

    published May 28, 2002

    CANNES, FRANCE—At the climax of a competition considered the strongest of recent years, in a ceremony characterized by several... More >>

  • Political Party

    published May 21, 2002

    CANNES, FRANCE—Hollywood ending? Not quite yet. "Thank God the French exist," Woody Allen's character exults when the movie he... More >>

  • Never Forget

    published May 21, 2002

    The whole idea behind Beyond Recall is that nothing recorded should ever be totally beyond recall. This prodigious Bear Family boxed... More >>

  • Blind Faith

    published May 14, 2002

    Writer-director Henry Bean opens The Believer with a classy Latin quote: "I hate and I love and who can tell me why?" As its title... More >>

  • Viva Revolution

    published May 7, 2002

    So lovely but so reactionary: What could be said of the boldly resourceful heroine of Eric Rohmer's The Lady and the Duke could describe... More >>

  • Almost Heroes

    published April 30, 2002

    Poor, misunderstood Spider-Man, the most alienated teenage superhero of the 1960s, gets careful treatment in the summer's first aspiring... More >>

  • Carnal Knowledge

    published April 23, 2002

    "The freest spirit who ever existed," per Guillaume Apollinaire, the Marquis de Sade was visualized in Philip Kaufman's Quills as a... More >>

  • Codes Unknown

    published April 16, 2002

    Sober, nuanced, and concise, Murderous Maids takes a brisk walk through one of the creepiest crimes of the 20th century—a murder that... More >>

  • Animal Crackers

    published April 9, 2002

    Its attitude pitched somewhere between Bulfinch's Mythology and the New York Post's Page Six, The Cat's Meow allows Peter... More >>

  • Houses of Mirth

    published April 2, 2002

    The epitome of animated anti-cuteness, Tex Avery's Screwball Squirrel was a raucous rodent who began his career by mugging the cartoon's... More >>

  • Operation Infinite Justice

    published March 26, 2002

    History is made at night—or sometimes late, late in the Los Angeles afternoon. Oscar Grouch had no particular love for the Academy Awards... More >>

  • Prisoners' Songs

    published March 26, 2002

    The Piano Teacher's study in lurid sexual pathology occasions a tour de force by Isabelle Huppert as the title character—a four-alarm... More >>

  • Lux et Veritas

    published March 19, 2002

    More than compensating for last year's lackluster selection, the 31st edition of the Museum of Modern Art-Film Society of Lincoln Center survey,... More >>

  • The Last Seductions

    published March 12, 2002

    Y Tu Mamá También takes its title from a taunting Mexican dis: "And [I fucked] your mother, too!" That's only one of the... More >>

  • Renaissance Man

    published March 5, 2002

    Serenely anachronistic, 52-year-old Robert Beavers is a throwback to the heroic age of the old New American Cinema—if not to the high... More >>

  • An Actor's Revenge

    published February 26, 2002

    The French, who have a term for everything, created the useful category film maudit—literally, "cursed film"—to describe those... More >>

  • Funny Boy

    published February 12, 2002

    Where, amid the current whining about the dearth of big-shot public intellectuals, is there a thought for the fate of the institutionally... More >>

  • Bully Pulpit

    published February 12, 2002

    The great box-office beneficiary of the new bellicosity, Black Hawk Down has proved perfectly attuned to the present moment in its tone of... More >>

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