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  • Nation

    published June 15, 1999

    V-K Day Behind the Shrubbery Primarily Colorless More >>

  • Clone Alone

    published June 8, 1999

    Hillary Clinton's run for Pat Moynihan's New York Senate seat will provide a textbook case of a New Democrat taking on the GOP. The carpetbagging... More >>

  • Nation

    published June 1, 1999

    Drop Your Guns Gore AIDS Scandal Minimum Rage EPA... More >>

  • Nation

    published May 25, 1999

    Flying Carpetbagger A Shrub Grows in Texas War in Court More >>

  • Yugo Eur Way

    published May 18, 1999

    The key to peace in Kosovo is the dismantling of Milosevic's power base: the police and paramilitaries, his media monopoly, his economic control.... More >>

  • When Worlds Collide

    published May 11, 1999

    Washington's worst nightmare—that Russia and China might reunite—suddenly seemed possible on Monday amid the diplomatic fallout... More >>

  • Peace Blitz

    published May 4, 1999

    With NATO's Secretary General Javier Solana promising that the alliance is about to wind down its air war, and with Clinton facing eroding... More >>

  • Russian Roulette

    published April 27, 1999

    The key to Clinton's cutting his losses in the failed Yugoslavian air war will be the price Boris Yeltsin's government demands in return for... More >>

  • NATO'S Funeral

    published April 20, 1999

    NATO's "50th Reunion" gathering in Washington this week has all the trappings of a funeral. So far Slobodan Milosevic has made a mockery of of the... More >>

  • War To Save Clinton?

    published April 13, 1999

    The war may save Clinton yet, by putting defense back on the front burner and reinventing the coalition with the Republican right that blew apart... More >>

  • Clinton in a Spin

    published April 6, 1999

    For Clinton, everything is about feel-good spin. Thus, even as heartbreaking images of sick and starving refugees poured out of the Balkans on... More >>

  • Blackbird Bye Bye

    published March 30, 1999

    The NATO air strikes have been of no help to the Kosovo villagers whose slaughter began before the first planes took off to bomb the suburbs of... More >>

  • He's Killing 'Em in Kosovo

    published March 23, 1999

    As President Clinton bantered with elite Washington journalists at the Gridiron Club on Saturday night, Slobodan Milosevic's special forces,... More >>

  • Passing the Bucks

    published March 16, 1999

    Just when it seemed that he might be fading away, Clinton was back in action last week— raising money. "I'm having a great time!" the... More >>

  • Nation

    published March 9, 1999

    Hillary's Back in the News Junior League Sell Your Spare... More >>

  • Virtual Bill

    published March 2, 1999

    The right's rearguard sap attack on Clinton with the Juanita Broaddrick story has been an unexpected success for Republicans, who until last week... More >>

  • Scoop

    published February 23, 1999

    The campaign to switch the spotlight from Bill to Hillary Clinton ground on last week as the scandal machine continued to churn out embarrassing... More >>

  • Gore to the Fore

    published February 16, 1999

    With the lame-duck president ready to be stuffed into the dustbin of history, Democratic operatives are contemplating how to keep Al Gore out of... More >>

  • Back to the Future

    published February 9, 1999

    Gloating though they may be over what looks like the conquest of the Republican right in impeachment, Clinton's embattled supporters have little... More >>

  • Impeachment, Stupid

    published February 2, 1999

    Impeachment could be turning into the best thing that ever happened to Bill Clinton. Not only is there scant possibility of throwing him out of... More >>

  • The Next Battle in Washington

    published January 26, 1999

    As the dregs of the impeachment show-trial continued to careen across the capital, politicians were drawing up new battle lines for the big debate... More >>

  • Moderately Republican

    published January 19, 1999

    Scorned by conservatives, a handful of mostly Yankee, moderate Republicans are the real comeback kids of the impeachment saga. They include: Susan... More >>

  • In the Interest of Justice

    published January 12, 1999

    The Senate's presiding officer in the impeachment trial, Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist, could turn out to be the trial's big surprise.... More >>

  • Prime-Time Purge in the Senate

    published January 5, 1999

    "I think that a lot of the fundamental principles that Jefferson Davis believed in are very important to people across the country, and... More >>

  • Anti-Rebel Yell

    published January 5, 1999

    Even before Vice President Al Gore formally announced he was running for president, the conservative Washington Times launched a mighty... More >>

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