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  • All's Well That Ends Well

    published December 28, 1999

    If the decade in Modern Rock were a Shakespearean comedy (and what else could it be? Between hanging with Romeo + Juliet and Abercrombie &... More >>

  • Humans, Posthumans, and a Detergent Ad

    published November 16, 1999

    Forget that "opera-trained" hoodoo that sur rounded Mariah's early years. First of all that's a code to cajole the easily impressed and... More >>

  • E-Mail at the End of Time

    published October 19, 1999

    Dear Chelsey, October 9: I'm not sure "Mambo No. 5" is a GREAT pop song; it doesn't have enough moves to get in the ring with "Freedom '90" or... More >>

  • Pop Mommies Breed Sharp

    published September 14, 1999

    "You from New York: you are soooo relevant." So's yr mother. Anyway I'm from California so when Alanis adds "You reduce me to cosmic tears" I'm... More >>

  • Sex and the Singles Girl

    published August 17, 1999

    America, you're at a sexual impasse. This business of being really into it, and having to pretend you're not because fucking is somehow really... More >>

  • Sugar High

    published July 13, 1999

    Jennifer Lopez has her own back, movie star magnetism, B+ beats, una buena onda to surf, and a lousy voice—which I find to be a... More >>

  • Livin’ for the City

    published June 22, 1999

    The least thing a critic can do is complain about how this summer's songs are just like last summer's, or some summer 35 years ago when the world... More >>

  • Suffer the (White, Middle-Class) Children

    published May 25, 1999

    "Geek profiling" refers to the automatic mistrust and harassment of anyone who rocked a trench coat or black nail polish in the days after the... More >>

  • Sugar High

    published May 11, 1999

    In the tail of the Littleton media com et, the Fresno city council voted unanimously to "condemn Marilyn Manson or any other negative entertainer... More >>

  • Wrongs of Spring

    published April 13, 1999

    MODERN ROCK: Rufus Wainwright is the apple of rock crits' eyes because he's a smart-but-sensitive prep-schooler turned scruffy guy-like Elliott... More >>

  • Push in the Bush

    published March 16, 1999

    This is a journey into sound. Or into a sound, a lone sample with a crowded story. It's currently squeebing out of radios under cover of... More >>

  • Sugar High '98

    published January 12, 1999

    I blame Mark Morrison for everything. Morrison, you may remember, delivered one of the great and mysterious singles of 1997, "Return of the Mack."... More >>


    published January 5, 1999

    Dixie Chicks Wide Open Spaces Monument The... More >>

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