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  • Insurgent Theatre+John Fell Ryan+chaos*CM*majik

    published December 29, 2009

    With its rotating tableau of lo-fi bands, dumpster-dive politics, and crammed-in crust-core living conditions, the freegan collective at 13 Thames... More >>

  • Jason Zeh & Pimlo

    published December 15, 2009

    A pair of Ohio-based noise/drone strategists, Jason Zeh and Pimlo (a/k/a George Viebranz, whose Mobile Cruising Vessel Private Noise Show... More >>

  • 'Unsilent Night'

    published December 8, 2009

    New York's hippest holiday tradition—Phil Kline's boombox processional, Unsilent Night—returns for its 18th installment. Originally a... More >>

  • Skeletons Big Band & Capillary Action

    published December 1, 2009

    Matt Mehlan and Skeletons have come a long way from their Girl-Faced Boys days as Oberlin's most impenetrable aesthetes. Last year's underrated... More >>

  • Red Baraat

    published November 24, 2009

    The next step in the sweaty, hipster marching band revolution finds form in Sunny Lain's Red Baraat, the joyous Brooklyn-based dhol 'n' brass... More >>

  • Times New Viking+the Mad Scene

    published November 17, 2009

    Another way to look at Times New Viking's willfully lo-fi recordings is that they're a conceptual enforcement of volume. The music plays like it's... More >>

  • 'Numero's Eccentric Soul Revue'

    published November 10, 2009

    For the past six years, Chicago's Numero Group have acted as pop archeologists (and sometimes anthropologists) with their Eccentric Soul discs,... More >>

  • 'Hum: John Medeski, Marc Ribot, Calvin Weston & Billy Martin'

    published November 3, 2009

    Who needs a bassist when you've got a quarter-century foundation? Highlighting organist/pianist John Medeski's collab-studded week at the... More >>

  • Tristan Perich

    published October 27, 2009

    In the past year, the New York composer/inventor Tristan Perich has paired his one-bit sound-generators with crotales, toy pianos, a male choir,... More >>

  • Yo La Tengo

    published September 22, 2009

    Always game to try a big room, Yo La Tengo's solution to conquering Roseland Ballroom involves bringing along the Black Lips, Susquehanna... More >>

  • Yo La Tengo Evolves, Again

    published September 8, 2009

    The newest phase of Yo La Tengo's profoundly rare career trajectory—bland first and wildly creative later, effortlessly outlasting much... More >>

  • Circulatory System+Nesey Gallons+Pipes You See, Pipes You Don't

    published September 8, 2009

    It's been eight years since the last album from the Circulatory System, Will Cullen Hart's good-natured collective of post-Olivia Tremor Control... More >>

  • On the Abandon Ship Label and Its Noise-Tape-Trading Brethren

    published August 11, 2009

    Nobody was really coming to Nate Rulli's Abandon Ship showcases at Cake Shop, anyway. Maybe 100 people at most, and many were Rulli's friends,... More >>

  • Rhys Chatham

    published August 4, 2009

    This year, there is a rain plan for Rhys Chatham's A Crimson Grail and praise Thor for that; last summer, torrential storms stymied the New... More >>

  • Roy Loney & Cyril Jordan

    published July 22, 2009

    After separately sitting in with Yo La Tengo at the Hoboken trio's past two Hanukkah celebrations at Maxwell's, the Flamin' Groovies' Roy Loney... More >>

  • Serena Jean

    published July 22, 2009

    Serena Jean Southam is the type of singer who probably belongs in Nashville—be it singing her own sad country tunes, interpreting songwriters... More >>

  • 'NY Eye and Ear Fest II'

    published July 1, 2009

    Brooklyn's Pendu Organization—proprietors of "dynamic, ecstatic transcendentalism," commonly known as "noise... More >>

  • Bobb Trimble

    published June 17, 2009

    Another week, another rediscovered psych legend making his first NYC appearance. Or, at least, he's a longhair with a few private press LPs. This... More >>

  • Greg Davis & Chris Weisman

    published June 10, 2009

    Burlington experimenter Greg Davis's trips include—among others—blissful drone-noise (his Sun Circle project with Zach Wallace, a... More >>

  • 'Abandon Ship Showcase'

    published May 6, 2009

    Telecult Powers will bring the candles. And the weird boxes. And the long, droney explorations that somehow turn Cake Shop's weirdly slanted... More >>

  • More Otherworldly Psych-Rock Investigations with Akron/Family

    published April 29, 2009

    Akron/Family's Seth Olinsky would like to be Jerry Garcia, at least for a minute. And he wouldn't mind if the Dead's people knew... More >>

  • Pterodactyl+Oneida

    published April 15, 2009

    Looking for a trip more vitally psychedelic than (what's left of) the Dead at Madison Square Garden? Secret Project Robot, located near Glasslands... More >>

  • Megafaun+the Rosebuds

    published April 8, 2009

    Their last few times through town, Megafaun served as extra hands for minimalist composer Arnold Dreyblatt and ecstatic hippies Akron/Family, in... More >>

  • Knyfe Hyts

    published April 8, 2009

    What better way to spend your April 20 than contemplating whether Knyfe Hyts just partook in their eponymous stoner-meets-butter-knife ritual?... More >>

  • 'Abandon Ship Showcase'

    published April 1, 2009

    Abandon Ship, the prolific noise/ambient/experimental label—with a complementary 'zine, Balladry, to boot—will hold their seventh... More >>

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