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2004 Stories by Jessica Goldbogen

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  • The Main Course

    published July 27, 2004

    When lawyer Ellen J. Fried decided to find a different career after spending time raising her son, she was intrigued by a new field of... More >>

  • Oh, Sugar Sugar

    published April 20, 2004

    Steve Almond is uniquely qualified to write a book about candy—after all, he's eaten the stuff every day of his life. This addiction, and his... More >>

  • Moonlighting 101

    published April 6, 2004

    Many people think that once they hit their thirties, their college days are over. Life tends to get in the way of education: family,... More >>

  • The Real Estate Job Shuffle

    published January 6, 2004

    A growing number of New Yorkers whose jobs in finance, publishing, or computer science have been casualties of recent economic woes aren't waiting... More >>

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