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1998 Stories by Jessica Harris

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  • Quirky and Quaint

    published December 22, 1998

    Cavernous loft spaces or intimate bistros, all too many restaurants today seem ready for franchising, and too few are marked with the originality... More >>

  • Culinary Prospect

    published December 8, 1998

    Walk down any Paris street in the quartiers populaires and you'll come across small restaurants where the accent is on food and the... More >>

  • Fish Story

    published November 24, 1998

    Metro-Tech and the Marriott be damned, Brooklyn's past resonates more vividly than its present. Jackie Robinson and Ebbets Field, Nathan's and... More >>

  • Beany Babies

    published November 10, 1998

    Beans, beans— I don't care what the rhyme says, I love the musical fruit. I delight in my annual Hoppin' John gorge and never get enough of... More >>

  • Foot Stompin' Fiesta

    published October 27, 1998

    Castanets, machine-gunning heels, flying feet, and bantam-rooster posturing, I've loved flamenco since the first time I saw José Greco. I'm... More >>

  • High Frying

    published October 13, 1998

    Located far enough on the western edge of the Village to suggest the outskirts of some Southern town, the Hog Pit knows it's tacky. Weathered... More >>

  • You Must Remember This

    published September 29, 1998

    While I can wrap a nem or suck up seaweed with the best of them, I occasionally get a yen for the simple Chinese cuisine that began most... More >>

Archives: 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998