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2001 Stories by Jessica Harris

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  • Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers

    published December 18, 2001

    I grew up in a garlic-free household. My benevolent despot of a father couldn't abide it, and my mother wasn't fond enough of pungent tastes to... More >>

  • Mariquitas and Chango's Meat

    published December 4, 2001

    Zarela Martinez is a small lady with the vibrancy of a hummingbird. Twirling about on staggeringly high heels, she has taken television viewers on... More >>

  • Swashbuckling Fare

    published November 20, 2001

    Gascony is one of France's celebrated culinary regions. The birthplace of King Henry IV, who knew that we all need a chicken in the pot every... More >>

  • Twice the Price, Half the Fun

    published November 6, 2001

    I first went to AZ the week before it opened, in what seems another world and time. I loved the lounge's slickness and the opium den feel of its... More >>

  • Comfort in Cholesterol

    published October 23, 2001

    I never felt my bridge-and-tunnel status more keenly than when I undertook my first foray into midtown following last month's attack. I walked the... More >>

  • Some Like It Hot

    published October 2, 2001

    For years I have been the beneficiary of the hospitality of a group of friends from Benin, and since they moved to New York five years ago we've... More >>

  • Adult Entertainment

    published September 11, 2001

    I spent the month of August on my favorite island off Cape Cod dodging places where the diners were too loud, the bar was too crowded, or where... More >>

  • Food Combining

    published August 28, 2001

    You say that you're in there looking for furniture for the dorm room or pricing low-cost linens for the spare bed. Let's not lie: I know that... More >>

  • Duck Redux

    published August 14, 2001

    For five years I indulged annually in a Peking duck feast as a birthday celebration with my mother, who adored everything ducky. But after she... More >>

  • Pharaonic Fowl

    published July 31, 2001

    During the summer my food consumption goes down—most days I'm content to nibble on a few well-dressed leaves of lettuce or perhaps indulge in... More >>

  • In the Window

    published July 17, 2001

    I've dined out on a rooftop in Marrakech, spent countless hours in Parisian cafés, and joined the bar associations at various Caribbean rum... More >>

  • Can Can

    published July 3, 2001

    I first wandered into Can five or six years back to grab a quick bite with a girlfriend. The Asian-French menu looked promising, recalling the... More >>

  • Antique Nipponware

    published June 19, 2001

    Despite my decade-plus as a MetroCard-carrying member of the bridge-and-tunnel set, I still consider myself a Villager. So I was surprised when a... More >>

  • Worth Its Salt

    published June 5, 2001

    Fleur de Sel caught my eye because of the romance of the phrase. It means "flower of salt," a/k/a "the caviar of salt," which is harvested from... More >>

  • Picture-Book Perfect

    published May 22, 2001

    A few weeks ago, I picked up Tony Custer's The Art of Peruvian Cuisine, somehow intuiting that the land of Atahualpa would soon turn up on... More >>

  • Battle of the Pastas

    published May 8, 2001

    In the days when pasta came in three shapes and arugula was italicized, country Italian food entered my life in the guise of a quirky spot called... More >>

  • A Chef for All Seasons

    published April 24, 2001

    For all our pretenses of sophistication, Gothamites are creatures of habit. Our cityscapes are defined by the two or three neighborhoods where we... More >>

  • Song of India

    published April 10, 2001

    Hankering for butter chicken, I let my fingers find an Indian place in the pages of the slim maroon tome that organizes many a Gothamite's dining... More >>

  • Reality Bites

    published March 27, 2001

    Real food—a nice plate arranged for eating, not photography—slipped off sometime between Julia Child and the Iron Chef without so much... More >>

  • Conviviality Sí, Conversation No

    published March 13, 2001

    Restaurant meals are supposed to be taken in the convivial company of one's invited guests. They're designed to be elegant microcosms of the... More >>

  • Shoppers' Special

    published February 27, 2001

    As honorary captain of America's Olympic shopping team, I've been keeping an eye on the proliferation of fancy restaurants in chic retail venues.... More >>

  • Rice is Nice

    published February 13, 2001

    I love rice. There's something about those pristine little grains waiting to add texture to a rich gravy that just makes me happy. After several... More >>

  • Girls' Day Out

    published January 30, 2001

    Every once in a while, I feel the need to commune with girlfriends at lunch for a gossip and a gorge. These all too infrequent meetings require a... More >>

  • Attic Scales on the East Side

    published January 16, 2001

    Ever since the Mediterranean Diet blew Greek cuisine across the bridge from Astoria, midtown tavernas and estiatoria have been popping up like... More >>

  • When the Student Is Ready

    published January 2, 2001

    I've come to know many chefs, and when I dine out with one of them, I'm always delighted to be transformed from pundit to student. I learn as I... More >>

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