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2006 Stories by Jessica Winter

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  • FEVA Dream

    published September 5, 2006

    Angel-headed hipsters looking for their fix of East Village fun were disappointed late last month by the abrupt cancellation of the fourth annual... More >>

  • Secrets and Guys

    published August 1, 2006

    As befits its title, Never Tell is slathered in secret sauce. The characters are full to bursting with closely guarded information of... More >>

  • Minor Threat

    published July 25, 2006

    Jonathan Morris wants to make something clear. "At no time did we ever say that Jon Stewart is poisoning democracy," says the political-science... More >>

  • Built to Spill

    published July 11, 2006

    The narrator of Tsipi Keller's new novel imagines herself to be a pure, uncorrupted soul, which may be her biggest problem. A graduate student of... More >>

  • Blade Runner

    published July 11, 2006

    With his low-cut blouses, arch demeanor, and fruity name, Fanfan la Tulipe may have been the original metrosexual, stuck in the sticks though he... More >>

  • Tough Love

    published July 4, 2006

    Love does not conquer all in the films of Frank Borzage, but it is the sole value capable of transcending the indignities of an ugly world. Amid... More >>

  • Rocking and Rolling

    published June 13, 2006

    The movie is The Warriors meets The Swimmer," says director Larry Clark about his latest film adventure of the young, restless, and... More >>

  • Creature Features

    published May 30, 2006

    An international cast of curious creatures in their native habitats stars in this charming Gallic duo of featurettes. Vivian Ostrovsky's half-hour... More >>

  • The Fine Print

    published May 23, 2006

    To reach Archipelago Books, just off the DUMBO waterfront, a guest must squeeze past the team of construction workers in hard hats, goggles, and... More >>

  • 'Dandruff and Bile'

    published April 18, 2006

    Misanthropic, disease fixated, perpetually inflamed by petty grievances, lusty yet revolted by her body and its processes: The archetypal Lucy... More >>

  • Procrastination 101

    published April 4, 2006

    The pantheon of procrastinators boasts many famous names: Bill Clinton, Duke Ellington, Wong Kar-wai, the Messiah. But these luminaries might meet... More >>

  • One Hand, One Art

    published March 28, 2006

    Great American poet and beloved wisdom keeper for many a past and present English major, Elizabeth Bishop is now undergoing a posthumous career... More >>

  • Cry, the Beloved Country

    published March 28, 2006

    Straight out of the gate, Free Zone is ready for its close-up—in this case, a nine-minute fixed shot of Natalie Portman in profile,... More >>

  • The Saddest Music in the World

    published March 21, 2006

    Lunatic talent is the siren call to many an overmatched filmmaker, as a random sampling of biopics can attest—scrambled brain chemistry is... More >>

  • Beads and Burkas

    published March 14, 2006

    The Ugly American gets her day in court with two documentaries this week, and the verdict is mixed. Mardi Gras: Made in China records the... More >>

  • Trite Rabbit: Predictable Psychotronic Pseudo-Biopic

    published March 14, 2006

    Construction foreman Frank Thorogood allegedly admitted on his deathbed to the murder of Rolling Stones founding fop Brian Jones, and... More >>

  • Christgau vs. the Contortions: Reynolds's Stirring Postpunk History

    published February 28, 2006

    Did post-punk happen before there was even much punk to be post about? The tipping point might have come as early as July 1977—three months... More >>

  • 'Joyeux Noël (Merry Christmas)'

    published February 21, 2006

    The stuff that History Channel documentaries and European co-productions are made of, the informal truces of Christmas 1914 saw soldiers in the... More >>

  • Baby Steps

    published February 14, 2006

    A widescreen wallow in socially enforced slum nihilism brought to you by Miramax, Tsotsi could be pegged as City of God relocated to... More >>

  • 'Winter Passing'

    published February 7, 2006

    First Steve Coogan, in Tristram Shandy, and now Zooey Deschanel offer a cappella renditions of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" on-screen... More >>

  • Italian Cine-Novel's Implacable Fury

    published February 7, 2006

    The annotated family album as social history, or vice versa, The Best of Youth is another thick spine on the top shelf of Italian... More >>

  • Erasurehead: The Return of Deborah Eisenberg

    published January 31, 2006

    More than eight years have passed since Deborah Eisenberg's superb previous collection All Around Atlantis (1997), which she bookended with... More >>

  • Girls Gone Wilde in an Amiable if Undemanding Adaptation

    published January 24, 2006

    Thick-skinned and just a tad vampiric, professional mistress Mrs. Erlynne of Lady Windermere's Fan suggests what The House of... More >>

  • Books

    published January 3, 2006

    We met one-half of the Courtney Love genetic equation in Nick Broomfield's 1998 documentary Kurt & Courtney, wherein the blaring ogre Hank... More >>

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