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  • Pot of Gold

    published December 26, 2000

    There is simply no good reason why 20th Century Fox refused to screen the radiantly stoopid Dude, Where's My Car? for critics—it's a... More >>

  • Day for Naught

    published December 19, 2000

    With State and Main, David Mamet has, against all odds, made a movie about moviemaking that bears not a trace of either cinephilia or... More >>

  • Desolation Angels

    published December 5, 2000

    "On the white line, no one can knock me over," says a boy panhandling in the midst of oncoming Johannesburg traffic. The scalding Hillbrow... More >>

  • Get With My Comrades

    published December 5, 2000

    Nineteen ninety-seven witnessed the peak of the Girl Power movement, which, building on the momentum of the pithy manifesto "Wannabe," briefly... More >>

  • Spite Club

    published December 5, 2000

    Terence Davies's flawlessly measured, immensely moving adaptation of The House of Mirth depicts a world at once luxurious and forbidding,... More >>

  • Cara Seymour Looks for Trouble

    published November 28, 2000

    Cara Seymour has become the year's flashpoint actress, with small but pivotal roles in two controversy-courting films: In Mary Harron's... More >>

  • Black Hole Son

    published November 28, 2000

    Alberto Simone's Moon Shadow is partly inspired by the work of the late psychiatrist Franco Basaglia, who in the early '70s founded a... More >>

  • Billy, Don’t Be an Antihero

    published November 14, 2000

    Tom Courtenay is in every scene of two of the British new wave's hallmark films, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner and Billy... More >>

  • A Terrible Beauty

    published November 7, 2000

    In October 1914, the English explorer Ernest Shackleton recruited the photographer Frank Hurley to film his unprecedented voyage across... More >>

  • Long Night’s Journeys Into Day

    published October 31, 2000

    A friend of Margaret Mead once remarked that "hers was the most complex life imaginable. She had so many fingers in so many pies, and was behind... More >>

  • Booze or Lose

    published October 24, 2000

    The joys of dubbing are probably best reserved for Sunday afternoons on the couch with a kung fu triple feature, so it's a shame about the... More >>

  • Devil Inside

    published October 17, 2000

    The Vatican's latest recruitment film, Lost Souls, bitch-smacks the fear of Linda Blair into hapless nonbelievers, proposing agnosticism as... More >>

  • Show Me Love

    published October 3, 2000

    Meet the Parents waters down There's Something About Mary's pre-prom martyrdom sequence to feature length, capitalizing on Ben... More >>

  • A Master Mimic Reads the Riot Act

    published September 26, 2000

    An unrivaled body snatcher, Anna Deavere Smith has gained a sizable, PBS-attuned audience for her one-woman, multicharacter plays, in which her... More >>

  • Design for Living

    published September 19, 2000

    Like many of its shaggy-dog brethren, Woman on Top is outsize, dumb, and eager to please. Ambling from Brazil to San Francisco in pursuit... More >>

  • Criminal Lovers

    published September 12, 2000

    Borrowing its unwieldy title if little else from Dostoyevsky, Crime and Punishment in Suburbia eschews the novel's labyrinthine... More >>

  • Still the World’s Loudest Band

    published September 5, 2000

    Despite a doggedly long life span and a celebrated cult documentary of their 1982 tour, Spinal Tap don't rate an entry in the encyclopedic All... More >>

  • Cheer and Loathing

    published August 29, 2000

    Those culture consumers who've never really understood the old adage that life is like high school will be further flummoxed by Bring It... More >>

  • Melville’s Ocean Pictures

    published August 29, 2000

    Two of the most sensuous, formally innovative, even radical films to penetrate art-house theaters this year just happen to be French adaptations... More >>

  • I Love You to Death

    published August 22, 2000

    The majority of U.K. releases that enjoy art-house runs on these shores fall into one of two categories: the heartburning comedy hawking daft... More >>

  • Kicked in the Head

    published August 15, 2000

    Tossed on the August dog-days movie heap like last season's frayed uniform, The Replacements is an amiable, lackadaisical mouth-breather,... More >>

  • The Edge of the World

    published August 8, 2000

    Intrepid seekers of buried, battered, or simply underreckoned movie booty, the folks at Milestone Film & Video celebrate their first decade of... More >>

  • Steve Me Alone, You Drive Me Lazy

    published August 1, 2000

    Having garnered good word of mouth by default in the midst of an undernourished Sundance lineup, The Tao of Steve arrives just a few months... More >>

  • Exhibit No. 2

    published July 25, 2000

    As gruesomely fascinating as it was ethically ambiguous, Joe Berlinger and Bruce Sinofsky's Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood... More >>

  • Time Bandits

    published July 11, 2000

    Supernatural child-bonding having paid off so handsomely last summer, Bruce Willis in The Kid (or Disney's The Kid, like Jesus'... More >>

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