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  • Conflicts of Interest

    published June 10, 2003

    Summer in the city always provides networks and newspapers with abundant local color and snapshot filler, but a photograph that ran recently in... More >>

  • Brief Histories of Time

    published May 27, 2003

    In the 1930s, working mainly in Paris, photographer Denise Bellon captured the "unique moment in time when post-war was becoming pre-war," as the... More >>

  • Melancholy Babies

    published May 13, 2003

    "It's not a musical—it's the idea of a musical," said Jean-Luc Godard of A Woman Is a Woman (1961), and accordingly, Anna Karina plays... More >>

  • Pot, Porn, and Strawberries

    published May 6, 2003

    Like all the finest muckrakers, Eric Schlosser enables his readers to see the invisible. Before his 2001 publishing phenomenon Fast Food... More >>

  • So Many Lives

    published May 6, 2003

    Madge forgets a lot recently. On the opening title track of her new record, she forgets just why she worked so hard to get to where she is today.... More >>

  • Axel Prose

    published April 22, 2003

    John Banville's 13th novel begins where Nietzsche's intellectual life ended: in Turin, where in 1889 the philosopher suffered an irreversible... More >>

  • Are You a Koan Head?

    published April 15, 2003

    Much like the U.S. government, Microsoft tends to consider itself exempt from standard operating procedure, as its antitrust woes have indicated... More >>

  • Sororal Fixation

    published April 8, 2003

    A scrupulous and impeccably acted account of the fallout from a family secret, Marion Bridge is all the more remarkable considering its... More >>

  • Net Loss

    published March 11, 2003

    What's in a name? Oversized box-office receipts for a shrill, poky comedy about good sportsmanship and the pursuit of big dreams. Bend It Like... More >>

  • The Long Roads Home

    published March 11, 2003

    Populated by characters who often go unseen, propelled by journeys whose purpose is withheld or entirely unexplained, Abbas Kiarostami's movies... More >>

  • Homeland Insecurity

    published February 18, 2003

    In Bowling for Columbine, Michael Moore posits that Americans shoot each other with unrivaled frequency due to a hair-trigger culture of... More >>

  • Partial Refractions

    published February 18, 2003

    Beginning three times with a funeral, Lawless Heart is the latest in the long procession of movies to borrow Rashomon's prismatic... More >>

  • Sex Is Comedy

    published February 11, 2003

    ROTTERDAM—Fitting for an affair as resolutely dirty-minded as the 2003 International Film Festival Rotterdam, this year's centerpiece... More >>

  • Stalk Options

    published February 11, 2003

    The grueling endurance test of your given romantic comedy boils down to a keening Seinfeldian cry: Who are these people?! These smug... More >>

  • Gone to Seed

    published January 21, 2003

    I. (ROSE)MARY Citing "the perverted use which the film makes of... More >>

  • Personality Crisis

    published January 14, 2003

    Formerly, he thinks to himself, an artist took real people and transformed them into painted ones: how much finer and more satisfying is the... More >>

  • The Meaning of Strife

    published January 14, 2003

    LONDON—"I'm constantly accused of being a genius, which really irritates me," declares genius filmmaker Terry Gilliam, the mind... More >>

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