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  • 18 years ago

    Until recently, the Knitting Factory's annual summer festival was called "What Is Jazz?" The question was whimsically rhetorical, and implied that Downtowners know what they like. But things have changed, and the Bell Atlantic­sponsored festiv...

  • 18 years ago

    A hundred years into its history, and the definition of jazz remains a matter for contention. Traditions are invented, rules delineated, absolutes postulated, and no one agrees on anything except that it must be an improvised, intuitive music. But...

  • 18 years ago

    With a century behind it, jazz has had ample time to develop its own hagiography, with stories of its saints too numerous for even the most devout to keep track of. So along comes the Lost Jazz Shrines project— a national, multiyear series of...


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