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  • The Fiery Furnaces

    published June 22, 2010

    OMG, it's TFF'SOFRNRSDP. That's the fucking fantastic acronym the Fiery Furnaces' Web site employs to describe their round of summer tour dates.... More >>

  • Juana Molina

    published June 22, 2010

    Fresh off her appearance at the Minehead, England installment of All Tomorrow's Parties, where curator Matt Groening definitely achieved Juana... More >>

  • The Hood Internet

    published June 22, 2010

    It's a testament to the Hood Internet's mash-up savvy that the meme is rarely attributed to the duo. More often, they earn a more conventional and... More >>

  • The Heavy

    published June 15, 2010

    If a lifesize sock monkey riding a jet ski doesn't grab you, just join a monastery. It's debatable if the "joyride" spot for the Kia Sorento,... More >>

  • Quintron & Miss Pussycat

    published June 8, 2010

    Things get nuts out on the levee, where the crows drink warm beer and alight atop mildewed hunks of ancient musical equipment. Quintron's seen it;... More >>

  • Handsome Family

    published June 8, 2010

    Over eight albums and a decade-plus of writing and artwork, Bret and Rennie Sparks have built a cottage industry around their lyrical tales of... More >>

  • BrokeNCYDE

    published June 1, 2010

    A collection of yowling infants seemingly still soaked in the Rip It energy drink that was their bizarro amniotic fluid, BrokeNCYDE aren't trying... More >>

  • Tobacco

    published June 1, 2010

    With no less a weirdo authority than Beck doing the metaphorical torch pass on Maniac Meat, his second solo effort, Black Moth Super... More >>

  • Bon Jovi

    published May 25, 2010

    When the B to the J hits the Meadowlands, a phalanx of Chrysler Sebrings descend on the stadium like so many VTOL assault ships, disembarking... More >>

  • 'Fixed & Dance.Here.Too Present Ellen Allien'

    published May 25, 2010

    That disorientation you feel upon hearing "Flashy Flashy," Ellen Allien's creepy-crawly-cool new single? That's the way all of Dust feels.... More >>

  • Jeff Daniels

    published May 18, 2010

    Out in Southwest Michigan, Jeff Daniels is probably best known for the Purple Rose, the nonprofit theater he founded in the sleepy farm town of... More >>

  • Buffalo Tom

    published May 18, 2010

    Buffalo Tom weren't the band that blew up via a thousand zines, or the spur for a flurry of SASE's sent off to Massachusetts. But throughout the... More >>

  • Southern Culture on the Skids

    published May 11, 2010

    Good thing you kept all that duct tape and plastic sheeting from Y2K stacked up in a corner of your pal's rusty old Freightliner, because it's... More >>

  • Korn

    published May 4, 2010

    Though it played a big part of their birth and weaning, Korn has far outlived the hilarious '90s epoch of rap-metal. By now, Jonathan Davis and... More >>

  • Infected Mushroom

    published May 4, 2010

    An Israeli duo who formed their sound at desert dance parties, Infected Mushroom have a trancey, beat-heavy sound that plays well on the global... More >>

  • 'For the Moustache That You Love'

    published April 27, 2010

    Andrew WK swears it wasn't his fault. All he did was sweat a few dollops of blood onto a Steinway, and all of a sudden Eyjafjallajökull... More >>

  • Chapterhouse+Ulrich Schnauss

    published April 27, 2010

    Bowl cuts, striped shirts, reverb rivers, and pop melodies filtered through hazy sunlight. Chapterhouse only managed two full-lengths, a few... More >>

  • 'Rocks Off Concert Cruise Presents Ryan Cabrera'

    published April 20, 2010

    "Each affair is a new and exciting trip through the joys of jubilation." No, that isn't Ryan Cabrera on his latest dalliance with the D-listed and... More >>

  • Trans Am

    published April 13, 2010

    Trans Am put out a bunch of weird records in the '90s. There were synth experiments, jammy instrumentals, synth jams, and instrumentals labeled... More >>

  • Liars+Fol Chen

    published April 13, 2010

    Liars, lovers of the misdirection play, do it again on the sly, unnerving new Sisterworld, the trio's fifth full-length. As luminous as a... More >>

  • Zoos of Berlin

    published April 6, 2010

    It took Zoos of Berlin a minute to drop Taxis. The quartet played around their Detroit hometown for a good few years before self-issuing... More >>

  • Miike Snow+Delorean

    published March 24, 2010

    The amount of remixes and versions that Miike Snow have pushed into the Internet consciousness would make your USB runneth over. But Pontus... More >>

  • Oh No Ono+Cate Le Bon

    published March 24, 2010

    Brooklyn's own Friendly Fire Recordings did us a solid by bringing Oh No Ono's Eggs to America. The Danish group's debut is full of... More >>

  • Boys Noize+Major Lazer

    published March 24, 2010

    Oi Oi Oi, Alex "Boys Noize" Ridha's 2007 full-length, was squarely of the humongous Q*Bert Justice beat. It pushed like a bright pink wedge... More >>

  • The Clientele+Field Music

    published March 16, 2010

    It's a double shot of refracted love with the Clientele and Field Music. While Alasdair MacLean and the Clientele have been at it for a bit,... More >>

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