• @j0ncampbell
    5 August, 2015

    "It didn't seem like many minds were affected tonight." (Prolly cuz these people have switched them right off.) https://t.co/jRe4fGaqpe

  • @j0ncampbell
    3 August, 2015

    RT @AlbertSamaha: In 2015 U of Cincy cops have issued 3x as many citations to black people as to white people: http://t.co/qELsTCSRtV http:…

  • @j0ncampbell
    3 August, 2015

    RT @atlblog: DA Brandishes Shotgun In Facebook Picture Captioned, 'You Should Take The Plea' http://t.co/HyAyiaUeV9

  • @j0ncampbell
    3 August, 2015

    RT @morninggloria: Which Republican candidate is going to outdo Ted Cruz eating bacon off a gun by eating a steak off his own dick

  • @j0ncampbell
    2 August, 2015

    RT @stuloeser: I grabbed @villagevoice from street box ystrdy & read an AMAZING 1979 @BarrettNation Trump takedown. You should too. http://…


Jon Campbell

Jon Campbell is a staff writer for the Voice, covering criminal justice, legal issues, and the occasional mutant park squirrel.

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