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  • The Phantom Menace

    published December 14, 2004

    Charles Garnier's Paris Opéra stands as a monument to Second Empire excess: cherubs, caryatids, mosaics, 10 kinds of marble, six types of... More >>

  • Uncivil Wars

    published November 30, 2004

    Never mind the requisite red-states-versus-blue-states opening sentence—Spain's truly a house divided against itself. At least that's the... More >>

  • Film

    published November 9, 2004

    It must have seemed like a good idea at the time. In 2001, actor-vegan-stoner-activist Woody Harrelson biked down the West Coast, stopping at... More >>

  • Film

    published November 2, 2004

    At a certain tropical island resort whose name I do not care to remember, a grizzled jewel thief (Pierce Brosnan, reprising Thomas Crown)... More >>

  • Hairy Pater: Funny Uncle Proves He's Burly Man, Not Girlie Man

    published October 26, 2004

    How refreshing it is to see, for once, gay characters who don't look like buff, smooth Chelsea clones. How surprising to find a gay comedy that... More >>

  • Film

    published October 26, 2004

    A Columbia student befriends a homeless old man who used to be Richard Bruce Nugent, a minor figure in the Harlem Renaissance. Soon they're both... More >>

  • A Paella Western Revives Gunfight at the Outré Corral

    published October 19, 2004

    First they lost their empire. Then Spain saw a second golden age slip away when production shut down on the Andalusian desert that served as... More >>

  • Smart Bombs

    published October 19, 2004

    The stage of the shoebox-shaped Manhattan Ensemble Theater looks as if it's been bombed wide open and downtown Baghdad lies somewhere beyond.... More >>

  • Film

    published October 12, 2004

    In a large shaker, pour one dash bitters, a splash of sour mix, and every alkie downward-spiral cliché from The Lost Weekend to... More >>

  • Film

    published September 14, 2004

    Widower Rick O'Lette, an exec at the consulting firm Image (not to be confused with competitors Façade or Pretense), always has a put-down... More >>

  • Dead Heads

    published September 7, 2004

    It's about death and dying. It's about life and living. It's about love and sex and sickness and violence and murder. It's about interchangeable... More >>

  • Disaster, Heartbreak, Bowling: Snapshots of Latin America

    published September 7, 2004

    As if immune to economic collapse, Argentina's film industry not only thrives in spite of the country's financial crisis, but recent movies also... More >>

  • Film

    published August 31, 2004

    If all the characters in Testosterone behave cartoonishly, maybe it's because the two-dimensional protagonist, Dean (David Sutcliffe), is a... More >>

  • Film

    published August 24, 2004

    The downtown performance artist formerly known as Michael Morra, who died in 2001, led the sort of life that might make a compelling film—but... More >>

  • Theater

    published August 24, 2004

    Sometimes it seems that current politics defy satire, but that doesn't stop the hilarious new Thalia Follies from trying. It's a lot... More >>

  • Rebel Yells

    published August 17, 2004

    New Yorkers are a tough audience. William Charles Macready learned the hard way. On May 10, 1849, the British Shakespearean actor was scheduled to... More >>

  • Theater

    published August 10, 2004

    Autobiographical solo performance artists tend to share a cluster of symptoms that suggests an as yet unnamed psychiatric diagnosis—miserable... More >>

  • Boob Job

    published July 27, 2004

    A chatty commentary on an Extreme Makeover–obsessed society, Un Busto al Cuerpo (A Bust for Every Body) grasps at the... More >>

  • It's a Small World: Farrell's Man-Child Cut Down to Size

    published July 13, 2004

    "I felt my own largeness heating up the air," says Bobby Morrow during a full-frontal moment in Michael Cunningham's 1990 novel A Home at the... More >>

  • Film

    published July 6, 2004

    Thirtysomething Alim (Jimi Mistry) might be a bit too old to play with imaginary friends, let alone dead film legends, but he does. As befits a... More >>

  • Trick and Treat

    published June 15, 2004

    "Hayfields, churches, barns." Derek McCormack just needs three words, and we're driving down a lonely highway in rural Ontario. "Lips, nipples,... More >>

  • Rumba With a View

    published June 1, 2004

    1. Clave In the beginning was the clave. In Spanish, code or key; in music notation, clef or signature. For black slaves and freedmen... More >>

  • It's Not Over Till the Fat Lady, Short Guy, and Convicts Sing

    published May 25, 2004

    "Oh God," sighs a jaded Jeremy Irons to a groupie in Callas Forever. "You're not one of those ghastly Callas queens, are you?" Why, yes!... More >>

  • Film

    published May 11, 2004

    And that's not all: The grandmotherly concert pianist (Alicia de Larrocha, anyone?) is shacking up with a student half her age. Coming out was bad... More >>

  • Stormy weather: Cloudy skies, murky plot, lots of waiting

    published April 6, 2004

    Getting off to a good start, A Thousand Clouds of Peace Fence the Sky, Love; Your Being Love Will Never End begins in the most... More >>

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