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  • 10 years ago | Music News

    Isn't it funny how hip-hop travels around the world and mutates into different sub-genres? In Puerto Rico there's reggaetón, with its cyclical breakbeats and spitfire Spanglish; in Spain, they do it with splashes of flamenco and a dash of E...

  • 10 years ago

    Could someone please tell Daddy Yankee that reggaetón is supposed to be over? Because on El Cartel: The Big Boss, the fiery Puerto Rican rapper acts like the party's just begun. While detractors continue to proclaim the genre's premature de...

  • 10 years ago | Music News

    After Daddy Yankee's "Gasolina" went supernova, some reggaetón heads got the message: Evolve or turn into the next "Macarena." Luckily, brotherly duo Calle 13 has been busy toying around with reggaetón's true and tested blueprint, de...

  • 10 years ago

    Apparently there's a lot more to life than hard-hitting club bangers. At least, that's the message reggaetón ingenue La Sista wants to convey on Majestad Negroide, a record bent on looking beyond her genre's quest for the never-ending fiest...

  • 11 years ago | Music News

    Reggaetón compilations by superstar producers like Luny Tunes abound, but 2004's Chosen Few stood out from the pack. Produced by Long Island's Boy Wonder, it lined up the top players from Puerto Rico's burgeoning reggaetón scene with...


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