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2002 Stories by Kareem Fahim

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  • Life at a Premium

    published September 17, 2002

    Naomi Kelly has kept up her life insurance, paying $26 and change every year since she bought the policy in 1953. The 81-year-old mother of three... More >>

  • Impunity and Its Discontents

    published June 18, 2002

    This is the A-Rum checkpoint, a few miles outside of Jerusalem, where two reporters wait on the side of the road for a taxi back to the Old City.... More >>

  • East Jerusalem Exiles

    published June 4, 2002

    Nasser Al-Ghawi lives in the street, in a flimsy wooden shack covered with garbage bags and nylon sheeting some 10 feet from the house where he... More >>

  • Ramallah's Battles on Many Fronts

    published May 28, 2002

    Sad Ramallah found a semblance of its old self today, after Yasir Arafat prayed with everyman at a local mosque on the Prophet Muhammad's... More >>

  • City of 14,000 Stories

    published May 21, 2002

    The governor of Jenin, Zuhair Al-Manasreh, a gentle bear of a man, is testy this afternoon, his deep baritone punctuated by bursts of nervous... More >>

  • The Education of Mary Robinson

    published April 23, 2002

    When Mary Robinson, the UN's high commissioner for human rights, announced in recent weeks that she will leave her post in September, it was... More >>

  • Endgame

    published March 5, 2002

    As many of the Arabs and South Asians detained in connection with the terrorism investigation now approach a sixth month in jail, developments... More >>

Archives: 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001