• @familystylefood
    24 April, 2017

    Five Ways to Cook Asparagus by Peter Miller. My favorite way, with parmesan and arugula. #abramsdinnerpartyhttps://t.co/p48DkrdLZk

  • @familystylefood
    18 April, 2017

    Great storytelling ---> A Day in the Life of a Food Vendor https://t.co/xVtLFhdt6p @tejalrao

  • @familystylefood
    13 April, 2017

    RT @kcoleuncorked: Breaking: "Woman’s Primal Instincts Activate to Protect Nearly Finished Glass of Wine from Approaching Server" https://t…

  • @familystylefood
    12 April, 2017

    One of the many ways I love asparagus - for the next few weeks I'm happy to be all in. Recipe here:… https://t.co/kCi3QJKXre

  • @familystylefood
    24 March, 2017

    Fresh clam and a quattro formaggio. Been craving this for decades. @ Frank Pepe's of New Haven https://t.co/V20u9oRBI8


Karen Tedesco

Karen Tedesco

Karen is the food editor at the Village Voice, and a former personal chef. Her recipes, writing and photography work have been featured on Food Network, in Better Homes and Gardens, Fine Cooking, and Parade magazines, and on the websites Huffington Post, Goop, Today.com and Food52. She looks for the story behind each dish and covers the rich connections between New York City's vibrant culture and its food. Karen can be found on Instagram at @familystylefood.

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