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  • EPA Screws New York

    published December 13, 2005

    Just four months ago, on the fourth anniversary of 9-11, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sent a message to New Yorkers: Trust us. At... More >>

  • Hillary Calls Israel a 'Beacon' of Democracy

    published December 6, 2005

    On Sunday evening, Senator Hillary Clinton delivered the keynote address to a 700-strong... More >>

  • Hillary's New Haters

    published December 6, 2005

    William Stricklin harbors a special affinity for Hillary Clinton. The Arkansas native and Harlem resident goes so far as to credit Clinton... More >>

  • Pick Your Underdog

    published December 6, 2005

    Just last month, New York anti-war activists were futilely casting about for someone—anyone—to take on Senator Hillary Clinton in the... More >>

  • Still Dusted

    published December 6, 2005

    On Tuesday, local lawmakers requested an independent investigation into the way the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has responded to... More >>

  • Full Text: Hillary Clinton Talks Iraq

    published November 29, 2005

    Yesterday, Hillary Clinton quietly posted what her... More >>

  • Hillary Gets Two Surprise Challengers

    published November 29, 2005

    Suddenly, Hillary Clinton has not one but two anti-war challengers in the 2006 Senate race. Cheered on by none other than More >>

  • If the Morning After Never Comes

    published November 22, 2005

    By now, it has become all too apparent that George W. Bush's Food and Drug Administration likes to play politics with women's reproductive... More >>

  • Legalize It: Another Approach to Winning Plan B

    published November 22, 2005

    With conservative Republicans in charge, this Congress probably won't be forcing the Food and Drug Administration to put the emergency... More >>

  • Hillary Is Your Friend. Hillary Is Your Friend. Hillary Is--

    published November 8, 2005

    These days, the scene has become almost natural: Hillary Clinton, New York's junior senator, and a phalanx of firefighters and police officers,... More >>

  • FDA Chokes on Morning-After Pill

    published November 8, 2005

    On Monday evening, the U.S. Government Accountability Office—the investigative arm of Congress— More >>

  • Cindy Sheehan for President

    published October 25, 2005

    Cindy Sheehan, a/k/a the "peace mom," probably never intended to sound like a candidate, but she did. Sheehan, the activist who became the face of... More >>

  • Mother of All Protesters

    published October 18, 2005

    Cindy Sheehan, the superstar of the anti-war movement, will descend upon the... More >>

  • Back to Jeanine vs. Hillary

    published October 11, 2005

    Not long ago, Ed Cox, the Manhattan attorney, was swatting down any talk of calling it quits, brushing aside questions about whether he could win... More >>

  • Dialing Hillary

    published October 11, 2005

    By any objective measure, Fernando Ferrer looks to be sinking—fast. Last week's polls had the Democratic mayoral candidate 27 points... More >>

  • With a President Hillary . . .

    published October 4, 2005

    Hillary Clinton may be mum on the subject, but that hasn't stopped hoopla over her supposed next great campaign-not the one for Senate next year,... More >>

  • That Other Guy

    published September 27, 2005

    Maybe Ed Cox needs more of an ego. The Manhattan attorney is eyeing the GOP nod to take on Hillary Clinton for Senate next year, and he tends to... More >>

  • Madam President, Madam President

    published September 20, 2005

    Imagine this: You see a woman, tall and elegant, with a power-flip hairdo and ruby lips, take an oath of office. You hear her aides call out the... More >>

  • Marriage of Two Minds

    published September 13, 2005

    If you're gay and looking to marry, the news might seem all white lace and promises. Last week, Massachusetts lawmakers bucked an attempt to... More >>

  • Marriage Equality, State by State

    published September 13, 2005

    Last week, the Massachusetts legislature defeated a proposed constitutional amendment banning gay marriages—bucking a trend that has swept... More >>

  • Cindy Sheehan Takes on the Democrats, Hillary Clinton

    published September 13, 2005

    Cindy Sheehan, the rising star of the anti-war movement, remembers when people used to think of her as one of those crazy activists, speaking out... More >>

  • Trust Me, Baby

    published September 6, 2005

    Just two months ago, George Bush's administration offered Hillary Clinton a deal. If the New York junior senator quit blocking the president's... More >>

  • Dusted

    published August 30, 2005

    Alex Sanchez likes to say he's "living proof" the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's response to the September 11 terrorist attacks bordered... More >>

  • Hillary Says FEMA Should Be Set Free

    published August 30, 2005

    Senator Hillary Clinton, fresh from a recent trip to Houston to speak with survivors of Hurricane Katrina, held a conference call with reporters... More >>

  • Pirro at the Podium: Does Anyone Have Page 10?

    published August 9, 2005

    On Wednesday morning, Jeanine Pirro, the Westchester district attorney, made it official: She’s planning... More >>

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