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  • Voice Geek

    published November 23, 2004

    With all the heaviness going down election week, I suppose it was a blessing that Pamela Z's Voci was little but a joyride. The Kitchen... More >>

  • Extreme Makeover

    published October 19, 2004

    Buwalsky, like Wozzeck in Berg's opera, is a mope, a nobody, a minor functionary snubbed by his superiors. Like Wozzeck, he's in love with a woman... More >>

  • Hall of Mirrors

    published October 5, 2004

    Calling Anthony De Ritis's Devolution a "Concerto for DJ and Symphony Orchestra" raised not quite the right expectations. A concerto pits... More >>

  • Slice 'N' Dice

    published June 29, 2004

    If I could play you the CD I'm listening to right now, I'd tell you it was by the latest 22-year-old sampling hotshot, some kid who dropped out of... More >>

  • Felling the Wall

    published June 8, 2004

    In my early years at the Voice, I wrote quite a bit about a 1988 book called The Time of Music, sometimes even drawing ideas from it... More >>

  • Call It Spectral

    published April 27, 2004

    BERLIN—For the first time, it feels like the reign of postserialist music is over in Europe. Not that there isn't a lot of... More >>

  • Let X Not Equal X

    published March 16, 2004

    Like Loudon Wainwright III, Amy X. Neuburg is tired of having her name misspelled. "I've been thinking," she mused at her March 7 CD release... More >>

  • Norwegian minimalist raises Beethoven molto adagio bar

    published February 10, 2004

    There was a time in my youth when I could no longer listen to Beethoven's Ninth Symphony—I was sick of it. But lately I can't get enough of... More >>

Archives: 2005 | 2004 | 2003 | 2002 | 2001 | 2000 | 1999 | 1998