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  • Carnival Ride

    published June 10, 2003

    India's movie mania has drained some glitz from the once burgeoning circus biz, but groups like Great Rayman Circus still provide the only live... More >>

  • Electric Lights Orchestra

    published June 3, 2003

    New Pornographers are as analog-happy as Jack White—the future is dead, the present blind. Yesterday? Wide open. But brain trust Carl... More >>

  • Getting the Shaft

    published June 3, 2003

    A mere concert flick it's not. Wattstax (1973) not only documents the soul-titan concert held at L.A. Coliseum seven years after Watts... More >>

  • When Not in Rome

    published May 27, 2003

    The Walter Reade's current Open Roads series attests to the Italian film industry's continuing push from the environs of Cinecitta outward to the... More >>

  • Blue Crush

    published May 20, 2003

    In the big butterfly collection of characters found only in movies, a prize pinion is the alluringly sublingual "she-bat." A comely creature... More >>

  • Esprit Decor

    published May 13, 2003

    Madison Avenue go-getter Doris Day, competing with adman lothario Rock Hudson in 1961's Lover Come Back, predicts victory for whoever's... More >>

  • Buzz Babies

    published April 29, 2003

    Of all the mind-control tactics used by high school teachers to mitigate the chaos of assembled hormone machines on every kind of jag, one of the... More >>

  • Last Resort

    published April 22, 2003

    With a sun-spotted approach evoking equal parts Dogme 95 and Go Ask Alice 73, first-time director Jordan Melamed's languishing 2001... More >>

  • My Mother, Myself

    published April 15, 2003

    "It was surprising to me that people saw this as a completely verité experience," says first-time filmmaker Jennifer Dworkin, recounting... More >>

  • In Through the Out Door

    published April 1, 2003

    The lens pans the rippling desert, caressing the rise of the dunes. There are no armored personnel carriers here. Just a dilapidated wagon and its... More >>

  • Guys and Dolls

    published March 18, 2003

    "I'm a minority, so I know where the bitches are coming from," says Jon Moritsugu, in a cameo as a cult-icon director in his own Scumrock... More >>

  • Burning Bush

    published March 4, 2003

    "We were out of the country when coke started to be a big issue for Bush in August of '99," recalls Suki Hawley, co-director with Michael Galinsky... More >>

  • Coma Chameleons

    published March 4, 2003

    There's something uneven about A.M. Homes's short-story collection The Safety of Objects. The miniaturist glimpses of dysfunction have the... More >>

  • Wanna Be Like You

    published February 18, 2003

    Struggling for four years with the kind of label woes that have left Next Big Things from Tsar to Palo Alto floating in industry ether, Bering... More >>

  • The Bachelorettes

    published February 4, 2003

    Any chick flick worth its serviceability rating needs a strong sense of urgency. The central hookup has to glimmer on the horizon, spark up a... More >>

  • Après, le Déluge

    published January 21, 2003

    2002: the year of the expanded edition. While mass culture machines churned out spin-offs, replicants, and sure-shot franchise components,... More >>

  • Bride's Head Revisited

    published January 14, 2003

    Another in a line of Dogme half-wits whose madness is posited as a state of tortured grace, the young wife in Kira's Reason is a woman well... More >>

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