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  • 6 months ago | Coffee

    A few months ago, I had a conversation with a respected wine journalist and Master of Wine that left me incredulous for this person's surprising attitude towards coffee. Asked to expound upon the significant parallels between both drinks, a nascen...

  • 11 months ago | Alcohol

    Top-shelf rum is finally having its moment. According to International Wine & Spirit Research, the high-end rum market is expected to grow 5.5 million cases by 2019. Mirroring the uptick in global spirit sales, there's an influx of bars servin...

  • 12 months ago | Wine

    Every year, a small group of Master Sommeliers gathers in a room for a week to blind taste through nearly 600 Portuguese wines. Their goal? Produce a list of 50 incredible bottles to represent Portugal’s breadth of indigenous grapes, regions, styl...

  • 1 year ago | Wine

    The Big Glou, the country's first fair dedicated wholly to natural wines, made its stateside debut in February at the Wythe Hotel. Guillhaume Gerard (of Selection Massale) and Lee Campbell (wine director at Reynard) wanted to host a...

  • 1 year ago | Wine

    A good educator reins in an unwieldy topic by breaking it into manageable, relatable chunks. Consider Italian wine. Here’s an example of why the category is notoriously difficult to grasp: Abbuoto, Abrusco, Acitana Addoraca, Aglianico, A...

  • 1 year ago | Wine

    Can a wine taste of love? At a recent seminar in California, Sondra Barrett, PhD, spoke to Masters of Wine hopefuls on photographing the guts of the fermented drink. As if this cadre of connoisseurs hadn't already been accused of joylessly strippi...


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