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  • 18 years ago

    Everything from Pulp Fiction to The Wizard of Oz to Road Warrior to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly has been mulched into this postapocalyptic road movie by Lance Mungia, who made this first feature fresh out of college. Cowriter Jeffrey Falcon, w...

  • 18 years ago

    We don't need another story by a woman who did drugs and all kinds of sex and wrote it down just to give a blow-by-blow. We do need The Passionate Mistakes and Intimate Corruption of One Girl in America, a wise, lyrical, autobiographical first nov...

  • 18 years ago

    An A-list of New York actors, including Tony Goldwyn, Charles Busch, Debi Mazar, Roger Rees, Edie Falco, and Tammy Grimes, worked for scale in Alan Madison's first feature, Trouble on the Corner, and in return got to camp outrageously. The psycho-...

  • 18 years ago

    When boozy lounge lizard Kiki reels into a room, she's this close to a nervous breakdown. Kiki— now appearing in Do You Hear What We Hear? at P.S. 122— is the damaged alter ego of Justin Bond, and her entrance is merely the beginning of ...

  • 18 years ago

    Why is fortysomething Jessica (Gwynyth Walsh) screwing all the men in church-going, white-bread Ashton? Everyone knows about the affair her husband's been having but by the lights of this rural, Midwestern enclave, if Jessica were the right kind o...

  • 19 years ago

    In Bruno Barreto's unintentionally cartoonish One Tough Cop, Amy Irving plays a prim federal agent out to blackmail Bo Dietl (Stephen Baldwin), made out to be the one honest policeman left in New York. Dietl was a real cop, but how much of the ons...


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