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  • Jung Love: Vivid Doc Untangles an Affair of Hearts and Minds

    published December 20, 2005

    The hysterical woman patient haunts the early history of psychoanalysis, calling into question the objectivity of its first practitioners, who... More >>

  • After the Fall

    published December 6, 2005

    Years ago, I was walking through Chinatown with a friend who had seen combat in two wars, when apropos of nothing—perhaps my noting how the... More >>

  • How German Is It

    published November 22, 2005

    I would love to know what the photographer Collier Schorr said to Jens F., a German adolescent whom she met on a train, in order to convince him... More >>

  • Film

    published November 22, 2005

    You look fishy to me," a soldier says to Amos Gitai as he confiscates the director's passport and threatens to destroy his camera in Field... More >>

  • A Luminous Century: Celebrating Norwegian Cinema

    published November 1, 2005

    In the 1920s, Knut Hamsun, Norway's preeminent man of letters, was asked his opinion of cinema. "I don't understand film and I'm in bed with the... More >>

  • The Unlikely Beauty of Club Sandwiches Served on Faux-Wood Formica

    published October 25, 2005

    A painter well-known for his work's "spiritual" intensity once admitted to me that, while his past loves remained but hazy memories, he could... More >>

  • Ghost Stories

    published September 27, 2005

    In the 1870s, the first French spirit photographer, Édouard Isidore Buguet, operated "a little industry turning out ghosts" (as one... More >>

  • A Miami-Based Artist's Island of Lost Souls

    published September 20, 2005

    Some make art to explore the unknown; others to remind themselves of home. Sunset Island, a film installation by Miami-based artist Dara... More >>

  • Odalisques in Harem Pants, Icons of Modernity

    published September 13, 2005

    Modernism has come to seem increasingly like an act of creative theft or translation: Think of Picasso's relation to African tribal art, or... More >>

  • 'Touch the Sound'

    published August 30, 2005

    "There's sound everywhere—we just have to listen," Evelyn Glennie says in Touch the Sound, Thomas Riedelsheimer's portrait of the... More >>

  • Beyond Borders: Disturbing Doc Tracks West Bank Barrier

    published August 16, 2005

    "Something there is that does not love a wall," the poet Robert Frost famously noted. Simone Bitton would probably call that thing humanity. Her... More >>

  • 'The Memory of a Killer'

    published August 16, 2005

    We live in the twilight of film genres, and our cinematic hit men have aged with us. The Memory of a Killer, by Belgian director Erik Van... More >>

  • Lonely Heart: Philippe Garrel

    published July 26, 2005

    Dubbed the "Rimbaud of cinema," Philippe Garrel began his career in a burst of utopian fervor from which he's never quite recovered. He was 20 in... More >>

  • Mercurial Emulsion

    published July 19, 2005

    The earliest movie audiences shrieked in fear at film footage of an oncoming train. With what wonder did people greet the first daguerreotypes,... More >>

  • People Will Talk

    published June 7, 2005

    Years ago, in the basement of Yale University's rare-book library, I stumbled upon two Louis XV armchairs that once belonged to Gertrude Stein.... More >>

  • A Graveyard of Misspent Youth and Dashed Expectations

    published May 24, 2005

    Barry McGee makes art out of things I cross the street to avoid. You enter this monumental, knock-out installation through the rear end of a truck... More >>

  • 'Caterina in the Big City'

    published May 24, 2005

    Junior high is often so terrible because it's a preview of adult life's internecine struggles for power. In Paolo Virzí's dark comedy, a... More >>

  • 'Open Roads: New Italian Cinema'

    published May 24, 2005

    Is Italy a glossy land of shopping malls and corporate headquarters or a wilderness of ruined industrial spaces and crumbling social services?... More >>

  • A Show With All the Pleasures of a Highly Refined Flea Market

    published May 3, 2005

    "One cuts and chooses and shifts and pastes and sometimes tears off and begins again," said the painter and collagist Robert Motherwell. A... More >>

  • Kinky Quickie Mops and Bewigged Geriatric Coquettes

    published April 5, 2005

    How long has it been since the collectors who purchased Toland Grinnell's wall assemblages have handled their own brooms and bottles of laundry... More >>

  • Film

    published March 29, 2005

    IN SATMAR CUSTODY Written and directed by Nitzan Gilady April 6 through 12, Two Boots Pioneer These days, on the sidewalks... More >>

  • Division Streets

    published March 22, 2005

    Imagine if, each year, Connecticut were the subject of dozens of documentaries—close looks at border disputes with Rhode Island, essays on... More >>

  • Irreverent Absurdism

    published March 8, 2005

    If I were to write this review using my right hand for nouns and my left for verbs, or choosing words that start with the letters spilling... More >>

  • Israeli Espionage Thriller Builds Tension, Yields Confusion

    published February 22, 2005

    Israeli filmmaker Eytan Fox, who directed Yossi & Jagger, a surprise hit about two male lovers in the Israeli army, again scales the... More >>

  • Wrapper’s Delight

    published February 15, 2005

    I lived in Paris, but I never saw The Pont Neuf Wrapped (1975-85), a temporary work of art in which husband-and-wife team Christo and... More >>

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