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  • NY Mirror

    published May 31, 2005

    Jonathan Coe is this summer's literary double threat, with the publication of The Closed Circle (Knopf, $25), the sequel to The Rotter's... More >>

  • Beach Lit 101

    published April 26, 2005

    Whether you're hopping on the jitney or climbing up to tar beach, don't forget some choice reading material. Here are some faves: More >>

  • NY Mirror

    published April 19, 2005

    Adam Parfrey, an editor at Feral House, is one of several collaborators on SIN-A-RAMA (Feral House, $24.95), a new book that... More >>

  • American Bender

    published February 8, 2005

    The next time you wake up with a hangover of historic proportions, consider this: Between 1790 and 1830, Americans drank more alcoholic beverages... More >>

Archives: 2005