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  • 3 years ago

    Sometimes New Yorkers can come off a little self-conscious. We've got the stars, the scenes, and the go-to dreams of practically every American teenager in the world. But when it comes to hip-hop, it seems we really have a difficult time dealing w...

  • 3 years ago | Lists

    There have been thousands, maybe millions, of songs written about New York City. You'll receive no argument from me that it's a special, special place. It's captured the imagination of imaginative young people around the world, and is responsible ...

  • 3 years ago | Rock

    Arcade Fire's Funeral celebrates its 10th anniversary next month. If you think this is a big deal, you are wrong. Don't worry, it's not your fault. See also: The 50 Most NYC Albums Ever...

  • 3 years ago

    Sports and music go hand-in-hand -- it's pumped out of every stadium in America, we have jock jams, and, like the "San Diego Super Chargers," some of the oldest traditions in professional team sports are inextricably tied to specific songs. It's w...

  • 3 years ago | 2013

    If there is one thing you can always blame music writers for, it's the utterly useless proliferation of genre tags into modern cultural dialogue. The construction of a genre can serve as hot branding for certain publications, it's why a site like ...

  • 3 years ago | 2013

    The music industry has a long history of allowing people who should never be getting laid getting laid. It's part of the deal when you become a superstar. James Blunt is still getting laid, the dude from Keane is still getting laid, somewhere arou...


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