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2006 Stories by Mara Altman

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  • City Rump

    published December 19, 2006

    Gert Jonkers bends down to pick up his shopping bags. His crack peeks out below his T-shirt hemline; I take the partial moon as an auspicious... More >>

  • Bed Bugs & Beyond

    published December 5, 2006

    A woman in her mid-fifties walks through Jeff Eisenberg's office door. She's got a blond bob and cherry lipstick on. She's out of breath;... More >>

  • When the Bedbugs Bite

    published December 5, 2006

    tk More >>

  • The Wedding That Wasn't

    published November 28, 2006

    Sean Bell was pronounced dead at Jamaica Hospital in Queens by the time the pastry chef, only a couple miles away, began preparing the 23-year-old... More >>

  • The Body Beautiful

    published November 14, 2006

    Analise Rivera moves her focus rapidly back and forth from the overhead projection screen to the paper on her desk, jotting in her notebook... More >>

  • The Young and the Helpless

    published October 17, 2006

    The brown walls, metal grating covering windows, bricks layered one atop the other, the glossy flooring and fluorescent lighting don't add up to... More >>

Archives: 2007 | 2006