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1998 Stories by Mark Boal

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  • Spy Commerce

    published December 15, 1998

    In the shadow of the Second World War, Jean-Paul Sartre wrote No Exit, a scathing drama in which three souls are trapped for eternity in a... More >>

  • Spycam Chic

    published December 8, 1998

    Jerry Bruckheimer knows his market. The mega-producer's latest flick, Enemy of the State, opened on November 20 and promptly became... More >>

  • Spycam City

    published October 6, 1998

    Cameras stare as you browse at Barnes and Noble or rent a video at Blockbuster. They record the way you handle the merchandise at Macy's or how... More >>

  • The Hyper Trade

    published June 9, 1998

    Matt was ready to play. A palmtop computer in the 25-year-old editor's hand gave him a real-time readout of the New York Stock Exchange ticker,... More >>

Archives: 2000 | 1999 | 1998