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2001 Stories by Mark Holcomb

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  • The Gray Zones

    published December 4, 2001

    War movies, so readily adaptable as propaganda, have never enjoyed a particularly glowing reputation. Operation Enduring Freedom doesn't promise... More >>

  • International Men of History

    published November 27, 2001

    As if post-September 11 revelations of the CIA's ineptitude were just advance PR, the flashy espionage thriller Spy Game casts a wistful... More >>

  • Bygone Conclusions

    published November 6, 2001

    Old-fashioned in good ways and bad, playwright Seth Zvi Rosenfeld's uneven King of the Jungle harkens back to an era when movies weren't... More >>

  • God Save the Queens

    published October 30, 2001

    Sassy, sappy, and warm as November in L.A., the super-mellow comedy Punks is propelled by writer-director Patrik-Ian Polk's impressive... More >>

  • Personal Crisis

    published October 16, 2001

    If you've ever had the misfortune of traveling with people who think the world revolves around them, you'll be well prepared for Dianne Griffin... More >>

  • Booster Shot

    published September 18, 2001

    For anyone who's ever suspected that something sinister lurks behind the rah-rah vehemence of high school football, Kenneth A. Carlson's Go... More >>

  • Shrew To Tango

    published September 4, 2001

    Depending on your romantic inclinations, writer-director Mark Brown's scalding comedy Two Can Play That Game will strike you as either... More >>

  • Badly Drawn Boys and Girls

    published August 14, 2001

    More the celluloid equivalent of fluffing than an actual movie, J.B. Rogers's absurdly pro forma American Pie 2 defies categorization. Is... More >>

  • Try Fidelity

    published August 7, 2001

    A must-see for opera lovers and a snappy diversion for cinephiles, The Turandot Project is documentarian Allan Miller's latest peek into... More >>

  • Big Skylarking

    published July 10, 2001

    In Thomas Bezucha's stupefyingly benign Big Eden, Henry (Arye Gross), a partnerless gay New York painter, leaves his doting gallery rep and... More >>

  • Songcatchers

    published July 3, 2001

    Like Lambic, another Belgian import, Dominique Deruddere's weirdly compelling caper comedy Everybody's Famous! is both pleasantly sweet and... More >>

  • Pomona Queen

    published June 26, 2001

    A lecherous gothic fairy tale with a bona fide cult following, Richard Blackburn's 1973 Lemora, Lady Dracula is the latest bit of pulp... More >>

  • Be My Quest

    published June 12, 2001

    Not the animated cat's big-screen debut the title implies, Adventures of Felix is instead a wafer-thin, sweetly sentimental picaresque with... More >>

  • Hungry Heart

    published May 22, 2001

    For a couple of movies now, the words "starring Jennifer Lopez" have heralded little more than low-aspiration, risk-immune star vehicles. Yet... More >>

  • Trade-Offs

    published March 13, 2001

    Timed for a potential Traffic Oscars sweep or as ammunition for a Steven... More >>

  • Go for Baroque

    published February 20, 2001

    If nothing else, Hannibal proves that nobody can prettify prosaic drivel like Ridley Scott, Hollywood's most reliable hired gun. Yet the... More >>

  • Hoosier Daddy

    published February 6, 2001

    A brief and highly subjective account of Manhattan's bohemian heyday, New York in the '50s is grounded in the sort of nostalgia that can... More >>

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