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2002 Stories by Mark Holcomb

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  • I'm With the Band

    published December 10, 2002

    Applying familiar sports-movie tropes to an unlikely university marching band milieu, Charles Stone III's Drumline works overtime equating... More >>

  • Bosporus Straits

    published October 15, 2002

    If your exposure to Turkish cinema begins and ends with the zero-budget remakes of American movies that litter the shelves at Kim's, this year's... More >>

  • Under the Scars

    published September 24, 2002

    A rare example of big-budget filmmaking as personal catharsis, Moonlight Mile may be the most liberating blockbuster this year—if not... More >>

  • The Son Also Rises

    published September 3, 2002

    The cinema's summer fling with father-son dissonance continues unabated with Michael Caton-Jones's melodramatic police thriller City by the... More >>

  • Modest Proposals

    published August 6, 2002

    With potential crowd-pleasers like Biggie & Tupac and Drumline topping the bill, this year's Urbanworld Film Festival (through... More >>

  • At Wit's End

    published August 6, 2002

    Poor Martin Lawrence. He has neither the charisma of Eddie Murphy nor the gravitas of Richard Pryor, yet he spends most of Martin Lawrence... More >>

  • Jojo Workin'

    published July 9, 2002

    Yet another set of animated television characters gets tapped for theatrical service with The Powerpuff Girls Movie, a feature-length... More >>

  • Declining Women

    published June 4, 2002

    With a couple of the season's bigger box-office bullies safely out of the way, the adult phase of the summer blockbuster cycle commences with... More >>

  • Mutant Strains

    published April 30, 2002

    A doggedly uninvolving slice of "stop and smell the roses" baloney that would do scare-mongering mommy warrior Sylvia Ann Hewlett proud, Stephen... More >>

  • Buy Low, Sell High

    published April 23, 2002

    Treading a fine line between documentation and sales pitch, Stacy Peralta's Dogtown and Z-Boys is a hyperbolic account of the birth of... More >>

  • Diamonds Are Forever

    published April 2, 2002

    Less torturous than The Kid but not quite up to Charlie, the Lonesome Cougar standards, John Lee Hancock's baseball melodrama,... More >>

  • Monsters, Inc.

    published March 26, 2002

    Returning to pulp territory after The Devil's Backbone, Mexican director Guillermo del Toro cribs from his earlier work in an attempt to... More >>

  • The Spirit Level

    published February 26, 2002

    Survivors of illness often emphasize the redemptive qualities of their ordeals, which as a coping technique is hard to fault. But compressing them... More >>

  • Academy Fight Songs

    published February 12, 2002

    As mired in benign nostalgia as last year's homage/parody hybrids Wet Hot American Summer and Rat Race, Jay Chandrasekhar's dopey... More >>

  • Let the Buyer Beware

    published February 5, 2002

    Genre films rarely sidestep rank cynicism and flimsy irony these days, but Jez Butterworth's romantic comedy-cum-caper flick Birthday Girl... More >>

  • The Plagues

    published January 22, 2002

    Layering sexy Hitchcockian paranoia over oddball tabloid hooey has been The X-Files' stock-in-trade for an eternity now, but its formula... More >>

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