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  • Public Spaces

    published December 30, 2003

    One of New York's more enduring illusions is that its physical quarters are universally accessible. But while there are acres of parklands and... More >>

  • Philip K. Paycheck

    published December 23, 2003

    The law of diminishing returns appears to have caught up with Hollywood's Philip K. Dick infatuation. The man was a literary workhorse, so it's... More >>

  • Girl Afraid

    published December 2, 2003

    What goes around, comes around—and around and around, as an inexhaustible supply of slasher-movie retreads and pulp-fiction resurrections... More >>

  • Rio Bravo

    published October 7, 2003

    Hollywood lore is brimming with anguished accounts of botched literary adaptations: for-hire hacks with little understanding of the source... More >>

  • Fall Books

    published September 9, 2003

    When Gregory Maguire says of his latest novel that "the story is made up, as modernity is (as Picasso told us), of fragments and... More >>

  • Write What You Know

    published September 2, 2003

    Books about writers and editors, like movies about filmmakers, have a built-in mystique that masks a multitude of sins—or so their authors... More >>

  • That '80s Show: Two Horror Franchises Go Straight to Hell

    published August 12, 2003

    Presumably, the value of combining two lightweight horror franchises lies in the ability to thrill and frighten without taxing the gray matter.... More >>

  • Going Stag

    published August 5, 2003

    The term pulp, once used to describe the low-grade newsprint on which certain turn-of-the-century magazines printed low-rent fiction, has... More >>

  • The World in His Arms

    published June 17, 2003

    Gregory Peck, who died at age 87 on Thursday, June 12, was one of Hollywood's most iconographic leading men. It was commonplace to associate the... More >>

  • The Strokes

    published April 29, 2003

    Not feeling guilty enough? If the recent War to End All Gas Hikes didn't elicit your shame and anxiety, historian Thomas W. Laqueur would like you... More >>

  • Caught In The Act

    published April 22, 2003

    Somewhere in the premise of John Whitesell's Malibu's Most Wanted—rich, pampered white kid adopts black ghetto persona as a way of... More >>

  • Amazing Stories

    published April 8, 2003

    Save for a few moldering back issues gathering dust in rural barbershops or drawing preposterous bids on eBay, pulp- and popular-fiction magazines... More >>

  • Somewhere in Africa

    published April 8, 2003

    With attempts at cross-cultural understanding in short supply, Anthology's weeklong selection of films from cinematically underrepresented... More >>

  • The Carson Show

    published January 21, 2003

    It may be no coincidence that so many "reality" shows—from Survivor to its reprehensible kiddy knockoff Endurance—use... More >>

  • All This Useful Beauty

    published January 14, 2003

    Our auteur-obsessed movie culture ensures that film technicians rarely get the credit they deserve. Conrad L. Hall, who died of cancer in Los... More >>

  • Monsters' Pall

    published January 7, 2003

    The latest entry in a prolific Japanese video, manga, television, and movie series involving "patlabor" (short for "patrol labor") police robots,... More >>

  • Bargains in Blood

    published January 7, 2003

    Last year was unusually bountiful for home-video completists, even if several of the most historically significant titles that made it to disc... More >>

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